i have a confession to make...

i made my list and checked it twice, cut out 22 entries and put them all in a little milkglass jar. shut my eyes and picked. and then immediately called a do-over.

YES, that's right, i loved the name i picked so much, i thought no one would believe me, so i cheated and did it over again... hooray cara carmina! even a do-over couldn't stop fate! congratulations also to beth, for making me laugh very hugely out loud every time i read about her awesome mothering skillz. i'll be contacting you both shortly about your prizes.... 

now it's time to have chocolate pudding and politically incorrect sitcoms with ruggy. thanks for playing peeps!


  1. BOO YAH! Would it make you laugh more to know I dressed him in this as an infant: http://www.babywit.com/ARF334T-p-design-your-own-toddler.html

  2. OOOOOH OOOOOH OOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!! I´m going to have my own Oona piece!!! (I love it!!!!) :) thaaaaaanks!!!! :)

  3. beth, i think you just upped the anty on your surprise.

    congrats cara & thanks for coming back masha!


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