sew weekly sunday: nothing in my hands, nothing in my pockets...

ooooooooooooh, look how pretty...

let the thread mesmerize you and distract you from the fact that i have no sew weekly sunday for you... aaaaahhhhhhh...

been watching a lot of "friends" with a lot of wine and a lot of ruggy in the hot summer evenings.  so, read that above bit to yourself in a "phoebe" voice, won't you?  been sewing, too.  that thread up there is the current circulation for what's on my table (all for one piece, mind you).  just have to figure out how to get sewing for oona does it! and sewing for me and sewing for friends to all jive--

WHAT.  yeah yeah, i KNOW i said no sewing for friends.  i continually break rules, did you not know this about me?  it cannot be helped.

god i love summer.  I LOVE SUMMER.  it is absolutely the best.  it could have something to do with my being a summer baby (oh yeah, that noise is most certainly coming), it could have something to do with new yorkers fleeing the scalding city like rats from a drowning ship and leaving it all to our greedy little hands, it could have everything to do with SUNSHINE.  yesterday, we walked forty blocks down to chelsea market, had a crepe or two, bought some costa rican coffee, buffalo mozzarella, green olives, pate, and cracked open a bottle of french red with our in-house picnic that night.  ruggy turned to me and said:

this is FUN.

oh hellz yeah it is.  

what about y'all?  are you in summer where you are?  what's your summer fun?


  1. Its Summer in The South. The kind of summer you fan yourself on the front porch with a glass of iced-tea. The cicadas making that incessant racket, carrying through the thick, muggy air. You wish you could crawl out of your own skin its so hot. Even the slightest breeze feels like heaven.

    I need more breezy dresses.

  2. Oh! Well, as you know, it is the middle of winter here on the other side of the world. Lots of rugging up on the couch and alternating Sons of Anarchy and Game of Thrones with dinnerplates on our laps. But I REALLY like the idea of having an inhouse picnic with blanket on the floor!

  3. It's trying very hard to be summer here. We had four or five days of actually hot weather (80s and 90s), and then it dropped back to 70s. I did water the lawn for the first time this afternoon, and now (natch) it's raining.

    I love summer, too, so bad it makes my bones ache. Especially since we get so little of it over here. :P

  4. I have ONLY summer and still can't get enough of it! the threads are mesmerizing indeed, sometimes I go to the thread shop and feel hypnotized by the colors and act like I'm only there to WATCH threads... I'm glad you understand that just looking at threads makes sense..and you even count on it:)) it works for me!:))

  5. Sounds like some lovely summer days you're having. Yay picknick! :) We're having a mixed bag of weather over here, the really nice, warm and sunny months were May and the first half of June. I'm still holding out hope for some hot weather for after my summer break starts, though. Swimming in the lake! BBQs! Iced Coffee! Picknick! Yay!

  6. Summer: tart cherries and apples. Compoting. Baking. Apple strudel (I did it!)
    And thunderstorms and wet laundry.

    Spell check: aunowmxm. Beats me!

  7. The BEACH! I'm a winter baby, and a Northwest kid, so all this Northeast heat wilts me. The answer: The Silver Whale (our cooler) packed tight with snacks, baby Caronas, and our feets in the sand! Care to join? You can bring a picnic!

  8. I actually dont like the heat much, but this year even I am a bit lacking in sun, it seems to have done nothing but tip it down with rain since May. For me, because of the heat thing, it's all about the warm evenings when it's not so hot. I live in Edinburgh and the Festival is coming in August, when the entire city just becomes hundreds of tiny comedy venues in anywhere from nightclubs to offices to bus shelters, and every spare outside space, including roofs and building sites, becomes an outdoor bar. Even in the rain, it is an awesome month.

  9. it's way toooo summery for me now.. 38 degrees c (which is just about 100 f, i checked) makes it impossible to sleep, work, talk, move, eat.. tried going to the lake the other day, but the beach was waaay too crowded for my taste (and by crowded i mean it was at least 100 thousand people out there, and i'm not exaggerating).. beer doesn't help neither, after half bottle i slip into coma.. but if it ever gets a bit cooler, we might just try this picnic thingie you suggest, and start loving summer again

  10. Went to an outdoor wedding Saturday at 5:30 and just about died! So stinkin' hot here in SC.

  11. lady katza: ooo, ruggy has been into making sweet tea for us. i've been into spiking it. we just need a few cicadas. made any dresses yet?

    emilykate: it's 90 here. with a lot of humidity. i like the idea of y'all having a picnic with motorcycle gangs!

    tanit-isis: you need to move to summerland for a year. just a year, then you'll want that crazy frigid stuff again.

    magda: ha! i love it! and love your new icon :)

    alessa: oh, lake swimming! or rather, lake sitting for me, i like to be a puddle of sweat. plus, you know, the snakes.

    hana: you have 3 of my tops in there: tart cherries, thunderstorms, wet laundry. but i like others to do the baking. and the laundry.

    daughter fish: IT'S ON. we have so much to discuss...

    monkeysocks: oh, that sounds wonderful! you must go out every night!

    mokosha: eek-- we once went to coney island during such a time, wall to wall peeps. raised the temp at lest 20 degrees. try tequila instead. it's an upper.

    liza jane: ha! every year i want my birthday outdoors, and peeps think i'm crazy. glad to hear there are more important occasion crazies out there.

  12. Your in house picnic sounds AMAZING! *sigh* I love some Chicago summer, so I understand how you feel about New York. Big cities come alive in the summer.

  13. Oona, I have two dresses for my weekend planned. Same pattern but WILDLY different. One will even qualify for a sew-weekly challenge.

  14. I love summer ...but this humidity in NYC kills me. I'm not a summer baby, but my daughter is, though she also sweats like a fat man running a marathon when the humidity hits 90%. My summer sewing of late has been for her birthday party. And her BFF's birthday presents....back to sewing something for myself soon, though I'd rather be at the beach right now!

  15. Late to comment because I was enjoying an American summer vacation in the mountains of Colorado!
    Now it's back to electricity shortages, typhoons, and humidity over 90% in Japan. The cicadas, fireworks and festivals are all pretty great though!


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