those glasses are crazy

come on over to the sew weekly and see who tried to kill me this time.  also revealed: the intended fabric behind my UFO wearable muslin (pictured below, and successfully nip tucked in time for the 4th.  avec red piping.  then i decided it was too on the nose and didn't wear it.  women.)


  1. i want these glasses in every color possible! yup.. i wrote huuuge comment on sew weekly last night, it somehow failed to be posted.. and i'm a lazy one, won't do it again.. (it was talking something about my love for sequins and same blahblah.. you know.. and how awesome you are.. things like that)

  2. Heh, I read your post over at TSW and my very first thought was "OMG, the glasses!" :D

  3. ooooooooh.... those specs.... look after them well!

    Alright, I'm off to Sew Weekly ;o)

  4. mokosha: oh NO. i did that a few times, now i always cut & paste before i hit send. god how i hate that. (you're awesome too. i have a big girl crush on ya.)

    alessa: aren't they HORRIBLE????? i love them!

    emilykate: these were the specs i bought when i had my horrible jealousy of your opshop sunnies!


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