craftsy + gertie = HEAVEN

oh hai.  how are you?  moi?  i've been tucked away in a cave of sewing bliss for the past three days making the  Best.  Dress.  EVER.  no, seriously, look, i'm not really one to be all look at what i made ohmygod it's soooo pretty right?! but lemme just say:


a couple weeks ago, craftsy asked if i'd like to take gertie's bombshell dress course and do a wee review here on le blog.  smell ME.  this is the first review i've been asked for!  in my daydreams of what will i do if i'm ever asked to do a review i always included full disclosure.  so: they graciously linked me to the course for free, but you can be certain i am absolutely honest in my opines.  i think you know by now i don't pull many punches.  let me admit to you also, in my smallest and most embarrassed voice possible: i never would have taken the course otherwise.  as you may have noticed, i am quite certain that i already know everything there is to know about everything.  i don't need to shell out for instructions or new techniques or what have you.

silly oona.  i need anything gertie haz.

but i'm getting ahead of myself.  do you know about craftsy?  i didn't till now.  craftsy is a delicious site.  the layout, the colors, the peeps, the information...  i could eat it with a spoon.  and a mint julep.  probably a nice fresh burata cheese as well.  it's a bit more craft heavy (natch), but there are garment makers there with a very retro vibe.  a LOT of truly funky knitting going on as well.  that said, i wasn't expecting anything more than some pretty sewing videos with good information (after all, it's gertie).

silly oona.  the good people at craftsy are type As of the first order.  mere videos do not cut it in their universe.

you get chapters.  glossaries.  shopping lists.  supplies links.  classroom discussions.  course notes.  oh!  the course notes!  i want to kiss the course notes on the mouth!  as you're merrily rolling along, hit "take notes" and marvel as a sweet yellow lined pad pops up under the instantly paused video.  type in your note and save it.  the video immediately resumes, but wait!  days later, you're on chapter 15 and you want to remember something you jotted down waaaay back in chapter 2?  hit the little marker on your yellow notepad, et volia.  you are flown to that exact spot in the video.  SWEET.

also sweet, you're able to see everyone's questions to gertie on each step.  she answers them all (she may have cloned herself), and you can chime in with advice or ask your own question.  craftsy has an eye on it as well, and they're on problems like white on rice.  par example: you're using a burdastyle pattern here (which is included with the course fee), and as usual burdastyle puts no info on the pattern pieces other than a number and a straight grain.  this control freak likes to know what every piece is from the get-go.  i wrote my first classroom question, then found the link myself at burdastyle minutes later, and answered myself so that my classmates could have the info.  that evening craftsy responded, thanking me for pointing out the url and adding it to their supplies sheet.

let me say here that a jaded sort would think the quick response was partly due to the fact that i'm reviewing the course.  for shame.  being a type A myself, i can tell you anyone as organized as the peeps who made this bowlful of sewing sugar would surely scramble to fix something forgotten.  it's a mark on a spotless course, chrissakes. that won't do, reviewer or no.

and don't think for a minute (like i did) you'll be walked through making a straight up burdastyle pattern.  gertie does alchemy with this jammy, and lets you in on ALL the magic.  that baby is underlined, padded, boned and handstitched.  light years away from the burdastyle instructions.  

and that's why you need a muslin.  did i say i'd done a bona fide muslin before?  i lied.  this  is a bona fide muslin. i've never had a bodice fit so well.  speaking of bodice, my larger breasted friends, gertie's got you covered. there's like five chapters on modifying the bodice to suit you.  even though i did not go all hollywood in that department, i still used her adjustment to raise the ever-low-tide burdastyle bustline.  and here's where the small, managable bodice pieces made this an excellent pattern choice for this course; fitting the bodice is a lot of work.

va va voom, i haz breasts! 

but, it's a lot of highly enjoyable work.  you could even call it play.  when this course first came out, it was proffered as a "staycation" in the sewing blogosphere.  i scoffed.  how are muslins and couture techniques a vacation?  joke's on me.  that's EXACTLY what it is.  i had the best time making this dress along with gertie.  who, by the way, wears a new and fabulous handmade outfit in each video.  she was dee-lightful to watch and learn from.  a piece of sweet retro candy wrapped in couture vintage palettes.  i might have a girl crush on her.

i'm so not even holding the sides down here, it fits perfectly, this dress just makes you want to strike a pose.

like so. 

i'm quite aware that i'm gushing, and probably pushing you away in doing so.  i can't help it.  you go must go get this course.  yes, it's money, and who has it, but holy shit, the sheer amount you'll learn will stay with you in every garment you make.  and if you follow gertie's videos, you WILL have a perfect dress.  

all right.  rant over.  do you want your own?  the fab peeps at craftsy know the peeps over here in kalkatoona rock, so just use this special oonafied link to get your own bombshell course for half off (a penny under 30 bucks!) and show me what you made if you do!!!


  1. Oh em gee girl you look amazing! That dress could not fit you better. It is probably the best fitted dress I've seen in the blogosphere, no joke. Must check out this course... Oh and what fabric have you used?

  2. That is one amazing dress....hot, hot, hot!!!!

  3. Oh, why hello there foxy lady, my aren't you a bit all that?

    The dress is hot, you're a fox, and I must say on my holiday I missed you dearly! Happy to be back and reading your shenanigans. The Sew Weekly entries have been LOL-lapalooza. x

  4. Luvvvvvvvvvvv it! I'm watching the videos now and really digging them.

  5. Thank you for the review. Your dress fits you so well, and the fabric is awesome.

    But... I'm a little scared. This is your second matchy matchy dress in a row. Are things ok in Kalkatroona?

  6. I second your rave review. I have learned so much from watching the videos. I haven't yet sewn a stitch for the bustier dress though, but I will once I get a chance. Hopefully mine will look half as amazing as yours does. Fabulous dress!

  7. Wowzer!

    I've been wondering about this course and I think you've sold it to me! Are you in advertising? You should be! :)

    I love the fabric you've used but like SewOm am starting to worry about you being all matchy, hot but matchy!

  8. Wahou ! Your dress is s.t.u.n.n.i.ng !!! It's beautiful on you, you really did a great job ! Chapeau bas !
    I have sign up on the course and seeing your dress makes me wants to sew mine rignt now.
    I'm thinks this course is the sewing course ever !

  9. How bad is it that my first thought when seeing your dress was: oh, look, the only flower in front sits right over her bellybutton! *g* The things on notices...
    The dress is a real bombshell, love the print and it fits you awesomely! I bought the course a couple of weeks ago but won't be able to make it for at least another few weeks...

  10. Oh my, this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. You look gorgeous. I was resisting Gertie's course, as I wasn't at all sure that the dress is very 'me' but I think I'm going to sign up now - especially with the discount you're offering. Thank you so much for this review! I really want to improve my couture skills and this looks like a good way of doing it. Happy days.

  11. You had me at hello. Damn girl, that is one hot dress! I am going to sign up now too... I was contemplating but you tipped me over the edge...one question, it's not too complicated that I can't have a glass or two of vino??

  12. LOVE! I took the class as well, and agree with you 100%. Something about Gertie's contagious passion, I think, is what made all the hand sewing so enjoyable. :) Mine is up on my blog if you care to see.

  13. I love the dress, particularly what you did with it. The fabric is fab. The fit is amazing!

  14. Hubba, hubba. Love the dress, love the fabric!

  15. Thats it! You convinced me I just shelled out the cash after seeing your awesome version! I'm very vava voom so It will be a good practice to doing fba adjustments and stuff!
    Are you planning to make it again?

  16. Oona, you are a vixen in that dress!! The fit, the colour, the fabric are all FABULOUS, dahlink! Well done!

    I found Craftsy for knitting biz, but must go and delve further for fancy sewing goodies. Thank you!

  17. This dress turned out so amazingly beautiful. I wasn't really drawn to this dress in the mag because of how low cut it was with the funny little pouf at the waist. Plus a silky/satin fabric made it look like evening attire. Your version has turned my head, and I feel an obsession with it coming on!

  18. Can I haz this? I want my humble breasts to look like this too! To be honest, I wasn't very enthusiastic about this dress when I saw it on Gertie. But it looks amazing on you! The fabric choice is excellent. Are you ever going to take it off?

  19. OK, I wasn't hopping on the craftsy train onaccounta I wasn't feeling the dres, but I might be changing my mind. Awesomeness!

  20. Thanks for the honest feedback and the discount link - I have just signed up and hope to look as fab as you!

  21. waaaah! SIMPLY PEEERFECT! I purchased this video sewing course last week and have to get me some time to really watch and follow it! Your dress turned out AMAZINGLY! AND I WANT SOME BREASTS, TOO! :D

  22. Oh my my my. Boobs, yes please! You are so beautiful in this. I wish I had room in my life for a bombshell dress, but I'm thinking other big ideas... still, I love that it's inspiring a glamorous game of dress-up with everyone!

  23. Wow. I haven't got a clue when I'd wear a dress like this but your review has given me a desperate urge to take the course, all of a sudden. Sounds amazing. Oh and your version is FABULOUSO!!! I adore your fabric choice. Looks mighty impressive with all those bodice boob lines - I'd love to learn how to make something like that... Hmm... tempted...

  24. oooh my goodness! you look gorrrggeous! love love love it! i love how you're not afraid to use colors and patterns. i haven't touched the sewing machine in ages but it shall all change very very soon! this dress is a killer - you go girl!

  25. Very lovely dress! You look phenomenal:)

  26. Your dress is fabulous. Definitely a bombshell!


    ~ emilykate: thanks girl!!! it really is the best fitted thing i've ever made, and because the process was so careful i didn't even have any problems! the fabric is all cotton, but pretty sheer, so i underlined the skirt with another solid sheer cotton. mayhaps i ought to do a post on the actual dress info... sort of forgot about that with the course review and all... if you do this course you will LOVE it, i promise you, and oh MAN would i love to see your version...

    ~ karen: thanks mama!

    ~ reana louise: well, hello yourself. i'm so glad you're back... can i buy you a drink?

    ~ gingermakes: aren't they fabulous? it's like having a sewing goddess be your BFF for the weekend!

    ~ sewom: thank you... and i love it that i make a dress out of red and purple tiki marijuana fabric, and peeps are concerned i'm going conservative!!!! what does that say about my personal style... hmm...

    ~ amy: girl, have no fear, follow gertie's instructions and it WILL look fabulous. grab a glass of vino and get cracking!

    ~ stephanie lynn: thank you lovely lady!

    ~ magpie mimi: ha! i should totally be in advertising. please to see my comment to sewom; this is cracking me up!

  28. ~ lasandrou: merci! ooh... chapeau bas... hats off? yes? i must google this, so that i may add it to my very small french arsenal. i hope you've started yours :))

    ~ alessa: oh my god girl. seriously, as i was writing the post i was all puffed up, then i hit preview and something cuaght my eye... THE BELLY BUTTON FLOWER. after all that careful sewing and pattern placing, there it is smack dab in the middle! i'm on the fence about it. but my love for the rest of the dress is pushing me over to the "i totally meant to do that" side. i can't wait to see your (polka dot) version!

    ~ didyoumakethat: karen, do NOT resist this course. it is happy days indeed, and i NEED to see your bombshell dress avec action shot! i promise you will be absolutely thrilled and absolutely vixen (and i swearz, i don't get a commission).

    ~ debi: see above reply to karen, and GET THIS NOW. holy crap you would look awesome in this dress. it is absolutely possible to have a glass (or six) of vino right there with you. i found that having computer to the left, machine in the middle, and rose to the right was just about perfect.

    ~ kate: oooh i'm going! i totally agree with you, she was so into every little step it made me want to slow down and do it right.

    ~ suzanne: thank you so much!

    ~ kelly: heheh. smoke and mirrors and couture magic :)

    ~ stevie: I AM SO STOKED YOU'RE ROCKING THIS! you are gonna look so hot in this... i can't wait to see what you make! i've been dreaming up my next one, i'm definitely having another go :) this time probably mismatched skirt and bodice, to alleviate concern...

  29. ~ meg n: thank you girl!

    ~ sarah: a vixen! i love it. thanks mama :)

    ~ crystal: oh, me neither-- i hated the burda mag pic! gertie does away with the pouf and shows you how to adjust the bodice line and even suggests different skirt options. i never would have made this dress from that burda pic-- now it's my fave :))

    ~ lisa: I WILL CUT YOU IF I SEE YOU NEAR MY DRESS. I WILL NEVER TAKE IT OFF FOR FEAR OF THIEVES IN THE NIGHT LIKE YOU. ahem. excuse me. let me rephrase. my 34bS (all in the broad back, my friend) have never been happier. boob nirvana awaits you.

    ~ patty: oh please make this dress. prettyprettypretty avec cherries on top, in some fabulous print i know you'll pick, with some fabulous pose i know you'll strike...

    ~ travelling soo: YAY! holler at me when your hotness is up!!!

    ~ nette: MORE YAY! you shall have all the breasts you want in this dress!

    ~ amy: i'm sad you're not making it, but admittedly your big ideas always blow me away, so i am happy immediately. i can't wait to see your next piece of chic! and your glamorous game of dress up is giving me ideas...

    ~ tilly: oh girl. you wear it to anywhere you want, and get exactly what you want wherever you wear it. c'est tres simple, an everyday dress really. :))) the bodice boob lines are such a dance-around experience when they all come together (just ask ruggy). DO IT GIRL! you will love it and i can be jealous as usual!!!

    ~ sofia: thank you m'lady, but: that's a crime. get thee to your sewing machine!

    ~ victoria: thank you! i feel great in it, i must humbly say :))

    ~ liza jane: thank you! when i started, i had very purple person's words in my head: "i'm not sure i have enough bomb to fit that shell." cracked me up.

  30. I had to come over for a look when I read your comment on Karen's blog re "rocking the shizzle", which made me coffee-spray the keyboard.
    Crikey, girl, you sure know how to work a look! That dress is fantastic! What an amazing fit!
    Yes, I AM jealous, and proud of it! ;)

  31. You look so fantastic, Ruggy should fly you off to a tropical island so you can drink foofy cocktails at a cabana bar wearing THIS DRESS for you birthday. Stunning.

  32. Holy crapola, you did an AWESOME job on this dress! The fit is 100% perfect, you look like a million bucks, and dayamn, I love that fabric!

  33. it looks fantastic on you! i bought the course a couple weeks ago, but i'm holding out on making it up yet because i haven't found the perfect fabric. soon... soon!

  34. Lots of comments here, because this dress is fabulous!! You did an amazing job! Very much a bombshell dress in every way! congrats on being able to do the review and therefore, the class for free too, very SWEET!

  35. It looks great but I'm just so weary because of my body shape. Hopefully she does another one sometime in the future. SBAs already scare the shit out of me plus grading the burda pattern up? No way José.

  36. ~ roobeedoo: oh yeah, i wrote shit at first then went to shizzle! subtle comedy. always best. so glad you came over and thanks for the jealousy, babe!

    ~ daughter fish: a very dangerous comment. i'm just bratty enough to make him do it.

    ~ melissa: thank you mama! good to see you!

    ~ lladybird: oh, you must just do it, as you will want TWELVE,

    ~ lucha: thanks so much! the free class was MOST sweet, my only worry being that it wouldn't be good.... SO not a worry.

    ~ hip oh!: girl, you would SEX THIS DRESS TO PIECES.i am dead serious. you would rock this dress. that is all.

  37. You can always buy me a drink! Especially in that dress.

  38. Bravo!!! Seriously stunning! I signed up for the course as soon as it was released, but still haven't gotten further than watching all the chapters (lots of good stuff anyway!). I have Evil Plans to make a bustier instead of a dress, since that is what my wardrobe needs (more than another dress to be shoved on the dress-side of the closet rack that is already insanely full). ;) Of course, seeing this post is making me entertain thoughts of chucking my sewing plans for the next week and actually making that bustier (except I need boning... I hate living in a city without any good sewing shops!).

  39. ~ reana louise: how does this friday sound?

    ~ case: thank you! you know... you can kind of get away without the boning. or at least, you can work up everything else till it arrives, it's really one of the last steps!

  40. So this is how the conversation went:

    Meg: "Holy S&%*. That dress is amazing."

    Rob (comes over): Oh WOW! That looks great.

    Meg: Look at that fabric, Rob. It is DIVINE. Oona made the most amazing dress.

    Rob: Oonaballoona! (because he loves saying your name)

    Meg: that girl just ROCKS.

    No seriously, I love this. You look amazing and you can tell how proud you are of this. Rob and I applaud you :)

  41. Your dress is fabulous! I think Gertie might just be my girl crush too. :) I love the class and have absolutely no place to wear this dress, but I'm going to make it anyway. I'm thinking leopard print. Great job again, I love reading your blog.

  42. ~ meg: i repeated this entire conversation to ruggy because it made me. SO. HAPPY. he was a bit confused. in retrospect, it requires reenactment for full effect.

    ~ andrea: oooooooooooh leopard print, you MUST do it. throw it on and go window shopping a la breakfast at tiffany's!

  43. MY WORD. That is a DRESS. Well done!

  44. Stunning. I can't wait to cut mine out!

  45. Love the dress, and that fabric! Nice sewing skills! Any recommended fabric sources?

  46. and i'm sooo late.. sorry for that.. been away traveling for a while, and missed out your party.. and allowed my blog to die for.. not back yet, but i've found a bit of net today, and thought i might say 'hi lovely oona, happy b-day!' have a vodka thingie for me.. and i gonna post my party outfit when i get back (and make the dress, have it i my head right now)..
    and.. damn girl, this dress you are wearing is to die for, and you look like a million bucks in it

  47. ~ adri: i'm lucky to have ny's garment district at hand; if you're near i love chic fabrics and paron. but if not, this is a gem:

    ~ mokosha: missed you!!!! but i was sure, where ever you where, you'd be imbibing. thanks for the dress love, i'm fairly stoked :)

  48. This is my first visit (via Debi's link) Thank you for such an awesome review & sweet dress - are you into hypnosis? I never knew I needed a dress like this until now .... ....surely every girl needs at least one dress for cocktails?!

  49. How did I miss this post?! Thanks so much for the awesome review! Your dress is AMAZING. And you're in NYC? I think I owe *you* a drink! :)


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