i wrote this post last friday, and patted myself on the back for having such foresight.  all i would have to do is click "publish" on january 1, et voila!  new year's post sans drunken spelling!  however, i got so sick (unfortunately, not from drinking) that i spent all of sunday and monday in bed, asleep.  seriously, i slept about 39 hours in two days.  i'm all better now, besides the fog my head is in from linking wordpress, sew weekly and gravatar accounts to each other.  i HATE online clutter.  anyhoo.  here's the story:

as we left the country for the big city, ruggy sensed i was unhappy.  (this unhappiness was due to the sore throat that would shortly turn into the Thirty Nine Hour Disease).  after completing airport security, he escorted me immediately into the Private Club Bar.  lest you get the wrong high fallutin' idea about us, anyone of age can walk into this joint. they have to call it that because it's a dry county.  somehow, those magic words make it all okay. we settled in with two shots of knob creek, my pour all the better when i made the bartender aware the shade of lipstick on my glass was not my own. 

i almost drank it anyway.

WHY HAVE WE NOT DONE THIS BEFORE.  the flight was wonderful.  ruggy gave a haaaaayaaayyyy to a startled female passenger snapping a pic of the empty plane (there were six of us onboard) and we were off.  

and we had magical seats.  we were supposed to be in 5B & C.  pre knob creek, i angrily switched us to row 4 when the computer screen showed a possible reclining issue.  on board, ruggy walked us to row 5, thinking it was 4, and presented me with the window seat, even though it was not my turn.  (cue en vogue chorus here.)  when i flipped the tray table down i found this note.  i let out a little yelp and beat ruggy's arm.  oh, that's nice, babe, he purred.  

now, i'm not really one for hang-in-there type phrases, but you wouldn't have guessed it from the way i lovingly patted my note for the rest of the flight.  i've never been the recipient of this sort of surprise, and it made me giddy.  some stranger purposefully stuck a post it on the inside of a tray table for whomever should sit there next. and i wasn't even supposed to sit there.  now i want to leave notes on subway cars and in bathrooms and on small dogs in the park.  

but for now i'll leave a note here, to any stranger who's reading, may your new year be bright, in every happy way imaginable.

(my new year starts right now, the first two days of it having been a thobbing blur.)


  1. happy new year, oona, and glad you are feeling better. here's to a great 2012!

  2. awww, I'm glad you're better. There's nothing worse than being sick during the holidays. Hope your year is fun and exciting!!

  3. How AWESOME! Once I saw the words "you are beautiful" painted on a metal railing on the El platform. It made my morning. Glad you're back to the land of the healthy! :-)

  4. Happy New Year, Oona!

  5. you totally made that shit up. admit it.

    fine. whatever. maybe you really did get an awesome new year's message from beyond.

    now I have to start leaving awesome post-it notes in surprising places. unfortunately, I only go to the grocery store and... no, I only go to the grocery store. I hope people are pleased with their up-lifting canteloupes and creamed corn.

  6. Happy HEALTHY new year, poor thing! glad you're on the mend.
    Drinking in the sky is a SUPER idea, we found out when we flew either Singapore or Thai airlines can't remember which. They just kept filling everybody's glass and a sixhour flight went by in a lovely blur... you'd think with all that free flowing booze people might get rowdy but it was the exact opposite!

  7. Someone made you surprised and feeling better (though you had some blurred days afterward), and your story made my day. Love the note. Happy New Year to you too! oxox

  8. That's a really neat surprise! What a great idea! Hope you are feeling better!

  9. That is so cool that someone did that. Its kind of like paying it forward.

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    See you there!

  10. Thank you, marcy! Happt New Year to you too!!!

  11. What a lovely story!!!!
    I´m going to do the same. This can be the start of a great movement around the world.
    Happy new year!

  12. Hope you're feeling much better for the start of 2012!

    And what a find with the note. Random post its for strangers are definitely a nice thing. Unless they're sassy. And not in the fun sassy way but the icky sassy way. Then they're not such a nice thing anymore...

    Anyway, I digress. Happy new year and I look forward to following your adventures in 2012 :D

  13. Oh, how cool! This is kinda like this craft movement, where people leave origami or other little crafts for people to find on supermarket shelves or bus seats. Just way less complicated. *g* I need to get some sticky notes now...

    Happy New Year, Oona! Good to hear you're feeling better!

  14. What a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL story! Aw, I may have to copy that note and use it as my screen saver. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you feel better now!

  15. I love it! Let 2012 be the year of the anonymous positive affirmation!

  16. @@@@@@@@@


    now that i'm feeling better, i'm thinking my wee posts its should come with a mini bottle of booze!

    i'm off to read your adventures....

  17. Sweet surprise! Do post on all of this fancy linking you've done to save online clutter, por favor.


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