pattern clones

nothing like a box full of vintage patterns to get your sewing mojo back.

could be the impending move, could be the recent plague, but i haven't been able to sew a STITCH yet this year. fortunately on friday, i received my box of goodies from lisette's amazing duplicate pattern offer, and ruggy said he could see the joy swirling around me as i rifled through. 

i want this one in: lace underlined top, crazy taffeta striped bottom.  i believe in my soul it will give me boobs.

you know i'm not making this in black.  but i do have an estate sale copy of "the bishop method of sewing" in a box somewhere in LA.  i've got to pair them up.  totally worthy of precious space in my meager two suitcases.


i thought i had something similar, mais non, these are separates!  and this chica.  so awesomely ahead of her time with her 3D TV glasses.  her white gloves are for safe passage through the bladerunner future she imagines. 

love the princess seams down the front!  those are princess seams, right?  these simplicity envelopes are my favorite.  when i get my ass together, i'm going to scan them, and then frame the envelopes for my sewing space. where ever that ends up existing.

(lady number 3 is a replicant, she scoffs at gloves.  those skin jobs are hostile, man.)

out of 62 patterns, many of which were actually my size, i decided to start with this one:  too small,  with a ton too much ease.  i've adjusted so much it's a mere shadow of what it was out of the envelope.  this could be bad. in the past, i haven't had much luck with "very easy" vintage vogue patterns.   and i really want my first one out of the box (literally) to be a win.  fingers crossed.

thank you lisette!!! and happy sunday sewing everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness what a great pattern hall. I'm praying for a win fall like that one day. ENJOY your heart out!

  2. Waaahhh, it's pattern heaven!!

  3. Wow, how fun!! I definitely want to see that first dress in lace and taffeta-- get crackin'!

  4. Jealous. Not that I need more vintage patterns. Still cursing I missed Lisette's post.

    Yup, that's a princess seam (a "shoulder princess seam" I think? It can be to the shoulder line or the the armscye).

    One of the best fitting BWOF blouses I ever made was a shoulder princess seam. It was pretty awesome.

    But then, I have boobs.

  5. LOVE. ALL. THESE. PATTERNS! So excited to see you do more vintage patterns!!

  6. I've cleverly avoided sewing (a year is a long time of regular sewing for me - usually I'm in short bursts prior to Sew Weekly) by keeping a messy sewing room... I just cleaned it up yesterday, and cut up heaps of scraps (that littered the floor)... in the hope to make a picnic rug for the Park.

    NEVER DONE PATCHWORK/QUILTING but cutting lots of squares up nonetheless. I hope you get sewing from that stash o patterns! xoxo

  7. Now that is a haul!
    I have to admit that the first pattern is my absolute favourite. The taffeta is calling to you... make me! make me!
    Have fun with them all :D

  8. Very exciting. I think my favorite is the blouse.

  9. It's like pattern porn! I can't wait to see what you make. Especially the lace-underlay-booby-enhancing-lady dress.

  10. What a fun way to pick up your sewing mojo. With a box like that, it's going to be a fun year of sewing.

  11. Oh, yay! Pattern hauls are so exciting, aren't they?

    I'm not quite sure where the first week or so of the year went. I wasn't done with it yet.

  12. My god Oona, SCORE! Some epic sewing coming your way hey? yes! My word verification almost spells fierce.

  13. Lucky ducky you! I love a pattern haul. I might have some patterns to give away myself sometime soon. I love your idea about framing the pattern envelopes for the sewing space! Totally doing that!

  14. Love that first dress especially!!! Aren't pattern hauls the best? One of my aunts hooked me up with a box of 50s/60s patterns that were once my grandmothers recently, and I have had a ball figuring out what dream fabrics I could use for each... ;)

  15. I was wondering why my inbox had emails from four more people who wanted patterns! I'm so glad you got it and that you like your patterns :) I wish I could have made up a box especially for you because we had loads of crazy patterns, but that's how it goes. Where are you moving?! Will you still be in New York? I might be visiting there in early Feb.

  16. Awesome patterns! I can totally see your lace-and-taffeta vision! Good luck with the move!

  17. That neckline was the first thing my eyes beelined to! And pretty please, pose like the replicant for me!

  18. Gasp! Shock of recognition! I wore the Simplicity 9800 (in the front of your box, top photo) in junior high school. LOVED the "dog ear" collar on it. You'll have fun sewing up these beauties. You're still young enough and cute enough to wear 1970s miniskirt lengths. Girls were forbidden to wear trousers to school, as that would be "too disruptive." It was, however, fine to wear skirts so short that our bottoms hung out in the air for all to admire.

  19. @ everyone: keeps your eyes peeled over at lisette's, maybe they'll do it again next year!

    @ lisette: teehee. whoops. i maybe should've said the over was over for those with an itchy trigger finger. i LOVE my patterns!!! and of course i'll be gone by feb. RATS....

    @ angie a: well, I have a booty. oh wait, you have that too.

    @ casey: i like to pretend vintage patterns are from my grandmother! she didn't sew, i just like to imagine she did.

    @ lavender: you know i will. i might even do the eye makeup.

    @ linB: that is HILARIOUS.

  20. I havent sewn anything yet this year either! I had to drop off my machine today to get fixed so I am getting closer! I am goign to a thrift store later this week and I hope I find some vintage patterns.

    Come visit my blog : www.sweetsurrenderart.com
    See you there!

  21. OMG!!!! I am so jealous! That is a fantastic find. And here I was getting excited over the measly 5 vintage patterns I found last month at a flea market:) On the very off chance that you have vintage Simplicity 4312 in there, it's a winner. I'm using it right now to make some really cute shorts and a pj set.

  22. Advance 9545: I've got it! And it's great. Haven't made the button-through version yet, but dying too.

    1. oh good lord, is this what you made your Magnificent Ship Dress from?!! that would move it to the head of the line!


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