late to the party, but i bring booze

are you sick of resolutions and wrap ups yet?  i'm sorry.  my past sickness trumps your present sickness.

click "read more" to see 2011's collage of 67 garments (or after the jump, as the kids say...)

in an effort to truly get better from the plague (not the fake better that comes back and bites you in the ass), i made myself stay still.  thinglink helped. 

many bedridden hours were made enjoyable by y'alls' 2011 wrapups, and now that i have the strength to use a trackpad, i had to join in.  that mash up is evidence of the 67 pieces i've made in 2011 (i'm shocked, and not just by the questionable use of print), and if you roll over any pic, you'll get a blurb and a link taking you to the original post about it.  my man ruggy marks the start of oona does it! creations.  

and now for my two (yes, i'm an overachiever) 2012 sewing resolutions:

i have already broken this resolution.  it started well. i scaled back my oona does it! commitment to biweekly (thanks mena!).  that's the well part.  minutes later, in a haze of plague delirium, i joined the sew weekly challenge community, immediately filling up the new space on my dish with a side of more challenges.  breaking this resolution is an ass move for two reasons.  a: we're moving to california for who knows how long in under 25 days, and as any move is stressful, i'll need some spare time.  luckily there are something like 100 ladies playing, and let's face it, the world won't end if i don't chip in every week.  issue solved there.  but! and more importantly, b: i feel like an ass.  like oona does it! isn't enough, i've gotta throw my hammy mug into the challengers ring too. again, i'm not assuming that what i'll produce will be front page worthy, the ladies are amazing. but really? frigging greedy guts.  share your toys.

no backpedaling here.  i'm going to lay a smackdown on those contents like i'm rowdy roddy piper.  UFC ain't got nothin on the elbow i'll drop on those shelves.  first, i'll do a clean out.  then, every time i make something i'll actually wear Out Of The House, i'll throw one similar item out on its ear.  think i don't mean it?  just have a look at those funky picnik stickers up there.  blue scissors mean probation, and pink ban means gone baby gone.  (pink heart means i love ruggy.)  the ousted garment can be rtw or me-made: shoddy work, outgrown, doesn't fit, never worn, wrong color, was i drunk... you get the idea.  the plan is to have a closet 70%* full of oona-made things by the end of the year.
*other 30%: jeans, sweaters, outer and under wear, vintage.  WHAT.  SEVENTY PERCENT IS A PASSING C GRADE.


  1. Best 2011 sewing review - so interactive!

  2. YAY! I have no idea how you did that interactive block thingy, but I love it you tech-savvy IT goddess you.

  3. I started reading your blog several months ago and have amazed every since. I just reviewed your years wrap ups and am most intrigued by picture #6 - I think you named it "the secret agent top". I went back and read that particular post and saw that you mentioned doing a tutorial on making the top - but I am unable to find it. Can you point me to it??? Thanks!

  4. I think you're goals sound totally reasonable, just because you are signed up for the sew weekly doesn't mean you have to do it all the time.

  5. Firstly, am loving the interactive images. Rocking.

    Second, great sewing goals. Though good luck with trying to keep things manageable. Sometimes the lure of a new project trumps common sense and even getting out of pyjamas.

    I'm doing the new wardrobe thing for myself. I'm 30. It's time to find a sense of style and get sassy. And apparently use to many S's in a sentence. There I go again...

    Best of luck with your 2012 goals!

  6. Hi Oona! I can't believe how many things you made in a year!! I'm so impressed. I need to take it up a notch. And you are coming to CA?
    That's exciting. Do we get to hear more about that? Good luck with your move.

  7. What a year! And what a fun way to lay it all out. I know you've been talking about thinglink for awhile, but I didn't look into it, so I had no idea it could do this awesomeness. Bravo. Great resolutions, too. I think the new Sew Weekly format is going to be great fun for all. I also hope it helps Mena slow down enough to make the Sew Weekly even more awesome. Where in Cali, by the way? My guess is LA, but if you end up in the Bay Area, let me know. I just met Mena, and it would be fun to meet you, too. Now, if only I could get into my closet to even begin some kind of a cull...

  8. Going back to Cali, Cali, Cali? What!?! Shocking.

    But I'm glad you're still doing Oona does it. I've enjoyed that feature on the Sew Weekly. The Office Worker outfit is my fave, because its the one I'm most likely to copy. But for pure inspiration, I like "ellie's revenge on gentleman kenny."

    Good luck with the move, and with your resolutions.

  9. Whoa, thing link is awesome! I wanted to try it when you mentioned it the other day, but now I feel like a copycat.

    I can't believe you're moving back to Cali! I'm actually moving back to NYC in a few weeks. Not sure if we'll overlap, but I hope you have a great move out there! I'm going to have a tough time managing the SW challenges in the transition, but I'm going to figure out a way!

  10. doo-doo doo-doo DOO
    doo-doo doo-doo DOO
    doo-doo doo-doo DOO-doo DOO
    California here we come

    Ahem. Sorry bout that. California! How awesome!

    I like your one-in-one-one out policy for the wardrobe, and look forward to the posts showing the discarded garment (disgarment?) and the replacement!

    Now this linkthing thingy for links... how intriguing! I don;t know if I have a hope of understanding how to use it but I have signed up!

  11. omg, I just thinglinked my whole blog in like thirty seconds. How completely awse. Thanks for the tipoff on what looks like is going to be a really fun feature.

  12. Woot, woot! Love your wrap-up and CALIFORNIA??? How fun (but quick)---good luck with the move! I love all your creations and why, oh why, did you put a pink mark on the Rose in Spanish Harlem Dress???? ;)

  13. I love this post because I got to see all the garments I may have missed by not tuning into you until halfway through the year!

  14. Damn girl, you made a lot of clothes this past year! Made my grand total look like some kind of slacker ;)

    I need to purge+dump my closet, too. I wish it were possible to have a giant blog-clothes-swap party... too bad everyone is on opposite sides of the world trololol

  15. Say it isn't so that you're leaving NYC! NY will lose some of it's sparkle when you leave. Had a great time hanging out on Blogger Meetup Day!

  16. Holy moly - that's a lot of sewing! Loved this wrap up!

    West Coast Oona - Yay! When I'm in L.A. next we'll have to meet up.

  17. Lovin' the chance to see your creations once more! You receive a Gold Star for 2012! But wait-- you're leaving NYC? And we've never hung out? Say it ain't so!!

  18. Hey, thanks for the link! Drunk? Moi? Never! How exciting that you're moving to the West Coast. Do you have great things planned? Um, you know I'm going to be in San Francisco in May...?

  19. Holy wow, girl! You've been busy. For all these upcoming challenges, maybe you need a moving van equipped with a sewing room:) Some "on the road" Oona Does Its would be fun:)

  20. What an awesome year of sewing! my favorite is all your stripey dresses, but that is because I'm stripe obsessed. I'm totally going to try thinglink.

  21. @ crystal: thank you!

    @ reana louise: SO easy. well, kind of, first it made collages. and it took me like 5 hours. but then it's easy!

    @ faye: thank you! the link is today's post, but here's the long link: http://oonaballoona.blogspot.com/2011/11/double-agent-dress-tutorial.html-- anybody wanna teach me how to put a nice neat link in a comment?

    @ molly: it's more the brat thing... ah well. c'est la vie.

    @ amanda: well, firstly, sewing for children is out. except for the 6 outfits i've already promised this year. i love your sensational settlement!

    @ garmentfarmer: yes and yes!

    @ amy: that would be AWESOME. there are several SF gals, we ned to make it happen.

    @ sewom: i know, right? thanks, i hope you copy my slutty office wear!

    @ amanda: oh no, you must try it. i'd be psyched if you wrapped up with thinglink! is it possible we're going to miss each other AGAIN? W. T. F.

    @ emilykate: you are insane. HEY! you thinglinked the alpacas!

    @ debi: erm... IT MADE ME LOOK LIKE A TROLL.

    @ suzanne: thank you!

    @ lladybird: you know, you've got me thinking...

    @ cindy: hey girl, me too! hopefully i'll be sparkling on both coasts :)

    @ lizz: YES. these possible meet ups are making me happy!

    @ gingermakes; i'll be back... this time hopefully we'll see each other OUTSIDE a moving van :)

    @ karen: I'M THERE.

    @ daughterfish: i wonder if i could get one done on a plane. oh god that would rock.

    @ mikhaela: thank you! those stripes literally made me nauseous.

  22. Ha! One of the best reviews I've seen yet. I love all of your creations, but I think it's completely commendable that you are assessing and cleaning out. YOU GO GIRL!

  23. OMG that is totally amazing, and probably the best internet thing to sum up your hilarious & random self! I love it, and wanna do one too. It might take me 5 months to get around to posting it though... ARGH! xoxo

    Happy New Year to you darling!!! xoxo

  24. Very cute post, and I'm in love with the blue dress you made from that vintage pattern. It's great that you made a resolution to take stuff off your plate. I don't think people do that enough, and it's definitely important.

  25. Love the thinglinky do. It was fun to click through all of it and see your comments. Blessings on your move... the benefit of moving is that necessary culling--it's so annoying but so good.

  26. Golly monkeys, that linky thing is amazing! Bit sad about some of the red mark outfits... I see Type A personality won with the Madden/Krueger dress, but please save and re-use the yoke - it's too pretty!

    Sewing resolutions - 1) a: Good luck with the move, may you always know where you packed the alcohol and may there always be a good liquor shop nearby. And probably don't pack Kenny & Ellie in the same box - anything could happen given the opportunity of darkness and transit. b: If being part of the sewing community makes you happy then it's a good thing. You're not being greedy, you're doing something that makes you happy which is part of looking after yourself. And your creations make other people happy. End o' story.

    2) I wish I had enough clothes to do a closet smackdown! Maybe that should be my resolution - actually flipping sew something for myself. I tried last year and received a fail grade.


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