Performance Gowns…or, Back Onstage!


I had an epiphany last week (which will read as “plain common sense” to some): I didn’t need to sew three gowns for my return to the stage. I had plenty of dresses in my closet that hadn’t seen the spotlight for almost two years. Basically a closet full of brand new homemade couture!

Then I tried on a few…and a few more…and realized we’d, uhhhh, grown apart during our pause from the spotlight. Some relationships had grown more distant than others, by like, a good three inches. And then, after such a sensible yet squashed epiphany, I decided it would be enjoyable—easier, even—to sew three gowns start to finish rather than alter a few candidates. 

So seven days of slam sewing began, on top of everything else that life currently entails. At one point, Rob said to me we can buy you dresses if we need to. And then backed away slowly, as if from an approaching bear with her three cubs, when he saw the look on my face.

Yes, I could have made ONE look for all the dates of this mini jazz tour, but each venue is so different! And as a casting director once said to me: You like your clothes to match the part. 


Somehow they’re all done to the point where I *believe* I won’t be sewing in the dressing room. 

The songs of Bacharach, Hal David & Dionne Warwick are the set list. Our first venue (tonight!) is the Mabel Tainter in Menomonie, WI. Ethan’s hometown! Oh did I mention I’ll be performing with The Great Ethan Iverson? Y’all remember Ethan from the thong debate of 2012? His hometown boasts a gorgeous Victorian theater with exquisite backdrops (expect Instagram spam, if you follow me there).  Tomorrow night, Sept 16, we’re at Crooners, a Minneapolis supper club. Then Saturday the 18th we travel to Pinehurst NC for the grand finale at the Bradshaw Performing Arts Center. All venues have measures in place, so if you’re in town and decide to come see us, you won’t be shoulder to shoulder with anyone. Unless you count rubbing shoulders with us after the show, because we’d love to meet you. And by “we” I mean me ‘n the chrome dome. The Rob chrome dome. Although the Ethan chrome dome is very approachable as well. We got chrome domes aplenty.

Time to go sing in the shower and steam a gown. I won’t lie, I’ve got butterflies. But I’m going to remind myself that butterflies mean you’re alive and DOING THINGS. 

Hope you’ve got some good butterflies going on today 💗


  1. Eeeee! Three new dresses, and with fantastic earrings! Can't wait to see the full pictures. Enjoy the butterflies!

  2. Nan is sending butterflies to you ❤️ Have a great show/shows 🦋🦋🦋

  3. Gorgeous! Can’t wait to see them on you. Menominee is so much fun to say!

  4. I think that beautiful new performance dresses must make forces align for beautiful shows. Toi! Toi! Toi!

  5. Squeeeee! Can't wait to see the finished dresses and break a leg! The world has gone too long without your voice :-)

  6. Cant wait to see the dresses let the butterflies fly!

  7. Marcy wanders,
    the room will sway,
    bags of wild rice,
    beckoned along the way.

    For store bought Rob,
    lesson quickly learned,
    she sews her own,
    lest your eyes get burned.

    Catawba hipsters situated,
    to the nines and to the letter,
    Travelers find the wary miles,
    make home a little better.

  8. OMG, I had the honor to meet both Marcy and Rob in person at the Crooners Supper Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The show and Marcy’s performance was Magnificent!!! You are truly a talented artist and master seamstress, The dress for your performance was beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment. I wish you much success in the future! Chris

  9. I went to Stout at least a millions years ago. Glad to here the building is still standing

  10. Huzzah!!! So good to hear you are out making beautiful music again <3


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