my man is man enough for mauve

and apparently lilac pink as well.

i was going for lavender, i swear! the little behr paint chip announced itself as "pearl violet". on 2 out of 3 walls, it lied. the interior decorator i met at the depot whilst waiting anxiously for the paint to mix was trying to be very supportive. but she couldn't hide her grimace of TERROR when i told her it was for the living room.

it kind of matches the blog, doesn't it?

is that a good thing?


hiiiiiiiiiippity hop hop

happy easter! though i can't really remember the last time i celebrated easter for the reason of easter. it's more about the ham and candy.

if the whole catholic thing truly is the way to go, i'm going to hell.

r's mom sent this sweet easter card and i love it! i think i stopped making cards because i can't make vintage images out of what they sell at joann's. and also i cannot wear them. so, there's that.

but i CAN make a room change within the space of three hours! observe!

no no, please don't run screaming, by the end of today the room will no longer look like the inside of an ovary. i'm not sure what i was thinking. oh yes, i was thinking, "wow, $5 for a gallon of paint?! i'm IN!" i found this color in the "oops" section of the home depot, which really is the name of the section. should have been my first clue.

i remember hating, with every inch of my body, going to the home depot as a kid. then there was the weird visit where i saw one of my teachers working there over the summer-- my 12 year old mind could not comprehend him in that location. he belonged to School. now of course i realize the public school salary forced him to take a summer job, which bites... i digress.

on returning to the depot to get a new and more palatable shade, i was like a kid in a candy store. i think it was because r & i went together, and got Things To Improve Our Home, and generally did what adults do there. i get it now. it's fun.

i just need to stay away from the oops section.


is it march already?!


15 more days before i can wear these dresses. well, i mean, i could wear them now, and laugh in glee with this 75 degree weather we're having, but that would be bad karma. i'll wait.

i actually made these last summer, they were my first dresses-- actually, my first attempt at sewing something for me. you will notice you see no back in these pictures... that is because these dresses have no backs. no, seriously. i frankensteined them so much i no longer acknowledge the existence of their backs.

made with burdastyle patterns!