Rob Is Right, Or: We're Starting a YouTube Channel

I was going to title this post "A Love Letter To My Husband" but OOOOOO WOULD HE EVER HATE THAT HERALD! We're not the kind of couple that posts mushy sentences on social media about anniversaries, or Valentine's Day, or any whathaveyou occasion of love. And since this post is about giving him props, I suppose dubbing it in such a way that would make him squeamish would be a bit bratty of me.

(so I'll just put my original instinct in the introductory paragraph instead)

But we like nothing more than being near each other. Now, because he will read this and call me out IRL, I will admit that yes, I get a little stir crazy sometimes with our nightly rhythm of Netflix & Chill. Especially when we're on a binge of some realistic, excellently executed drama, where my mind wanders to fashion and Rob has to tell me why a character just exploded or something. Still, on the evenings when one of us is bachelor-ed for rehearsal or work, or even when both of us are out together at a shindig, it requires the instant remedy of at least three nights in, side by side.

Which is exactly why I shouldn't have fought Rob so long on starting a YouTube channel. He's been gently nudging me towards videos for about 5 years now. (This might be an exaggeration, but I don't *think* that's MarcyMath™️.) The nudging turned to full-on unrelenting badgering at the start of the New Year.

After several months of hashing out ideas, under my severe and loud protest, I finally gave in last week and shot some things. And had to admit to Rob (because we always admit when we are wrong) that it was THE MOST FUN EVER, hugely because it offers the bonus of the two of us getting to play together, which is my most favorite thing in the world.

My main protest was wanting everything to be perfect, and not understanding how to accomplish that. I mean. WHAT IS YOUTUBE?! What should videos be? With the blog, I've got the gameplan. Pictures. Ramblings. Done. This'll be a learning curve of what works and what doesn't, and it won't be perfect. After all, it's just us and some equipment. It'll be a minute before we're ready to go--we're accumulating some content so that we're not scrambling to get stuff up, but at the moment there are a few Bluprint trailers up so that we have a landing page visible...you can go on and be the first subscriber if ya like ;) We've got ideas that I think will be fun...but if there's something you're itching to watch, holler at me. I'm all ears.

You may be thinking right about now, I've rambled my way completely off course in this sneak attack love letter. But imma bring it back around, and say the thing that is a load bearing wall in the construct of any relationship: Rob, you were right.