hello again, hello.

i spent the weekend in NY again for business, and bought myself some flowers because i deserve them.

becky at sew and so tagged me with this meme:
1) what was i doing 10 years ago: singing in front of a lot of people in some very tight blue plastic pants.
2) what are 5 things on my to-do list for today: rip up the carpet, nails and staples from the bedroom... sew: a diaper bag and pajama set, several purses, this dress, this one too (all prizes)... change the wall color from "lilac pink" to "warm cocoon", third change... visit my commercial agents... cook the grub. i certainly won't get it all done.
3) snacks i enjoy: popcorn!  trader joe's frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls! and their cookie ice cream sandwiches! espresso! cheesy poofs!  pork!  cherries!  chocolate covered caramels with rock salt!  alcohol!
4) things i would do if i were a billionaire: buy things to make things.  
5) places i have lived: new jersey, hershey PA, pittsburgh PA, boston MA, germany, st louis MO, nashville TN, new york NY, san diego CA, los angeles CA.  

i'm supposed to tag 6 people to answer these same 5 questions, but i'm going the geri route and inviting everyone from my blog roll to join in, as i gots me some unpackin' to do....


tag, go to page 123.

geri at sewable tagged me (well, sort of, she tagged her whole blogroll but i'll take it!) for a quick little book meme (yeah, i didn't really know what meme meant either, it's one of those words like gigabyte that you use but you don't really get) so here it is (directions are from colette, who tagged geri):

(is the run on sentence giving away my coffee intake for the morning?)

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

well, the book nearest me is a canticle for leibowitz, and i don't really want to flip to page 123, because i'm not past page 56 yet, and r has successfully beaten out of me the urge to flip ahead in books. so i'll take my favorite book, evidence of things unseen, which although i've read several times over i'm always surprised by. (that's 50% due to marianne wiggins' awesomeness, and 50% due to my instant amnesia which occurs immediately after finishing a book, movie or play. it's convenient.)

Opal shrank.
What areya so angry fer?
Fos gently peeled the felt cloche off her head with one hand and ran his other over her damp hair.

which is so not satisfying me. it's not a barechested drugstore read, for godsakes. so here's the paragraph that precedes it:

Fos followed her between the parted branches, the leaves scattering a silver light over a hundred mirrored planes. The branches formed a dome around them almost twelve feet in diameter. Fos walked to its farthest side then turned to face her. Light undulated over her, transmitting coded messages across her skin as if ships far out at sea were signaling. Take the damn fool hat off for godsake, Fos finally said.

see? i do have an uppercase button on my keyboard. i tag: eileen, hana, mick, maya (don't worry, you can do this at home), and jen. maybe we'll find a new favorite read out of this. oh yeah, and mom, i'm tagging you because i know you love to read, you're where i got it from. not so much because i've read about it on your blog, you know, that you don't post on. just sayin.

i gotta ease up on the coffee.


what i wanted to do today

what i DID today: laundry.

i guess there are worse fates. in celebration of accomplishing 5 loads in one day, i bought the makings for guacamole-turkey-chili nachos, and a bottle of chardonnay. the purchase of the alcohol went something like this:

(oonaballoona saunters through the wine section at whole foods, and is immediately approached by a gentleman who assumes she does not have any experience whatsoever with alcohol.)

"why, hello there, can i help you?"

"why hello yourself. you sure can. i'm looking for a bottle of chardonnay... j lohr?"

"oh, we carry that in a half bottle".

"half bottle, eh?" (oona suppresses laughter. half bottles are for leprechauns.) "what do you have in a full bottle that's comparable?"

(several whole foods men join the pair perusing the chardonnay. oona considers narrowing the impending suggestion by asking for something from the central coast, perhaps paso robles. she decides to give them free reign, and hopes the decision is a wise one.)

"well," harumphs whole foods guy #2, "this bottle is certainly comparable. in fact, it's better."

(#3 snorts in agreement.)

"really? because if i get home and it's fruity and tangy i'm gonna be pissed. i want it buttery, and it for damn sure better have some oak."

(the whole foods posse pauses to reconsider the curly haired pixie standing before them.)

"...no, it's buttery. with a touch of oak."

"excellent. i'll have it."

(oona traipses off to the cheese aisle, where a lovely young lad offers her many and varied samples.)


happy momma's day

thanks, mom, for instilling in me a love of alcohol from an early age.

i'm just kidding. my dad gets all the credit for that.

happy mother's day to all the mothers i am so lucky to know!


just catting around

well, there have been a few requests to see miss layla cat, so here she is:

currently she is on a new drug cocktail, listening to vivaldi, and chilling out.

i think i may join her.


please hold

i like may.  don't you?  the flowers are blooming, the mothers are happy, the babies conceived in the dog days of summer are celebrating, the tremendously sick cat is holed up in our one bathroom---

wait, that's not right.  it's true, but it's not right.  layla is throwing a bit of a wrench into the merry merry month of may.  we think she'll be fine, but right now she's one more excuse for us to be late with birthday, swapping and mother's greetings... so please hold.  a decorator will be with you shortly.

i canna believe it.

two out of three ain't bad.