Pineapple Head

I was running to the subway last weekend, all dolled up for a concert, with my hair piled high on top of my noggin' in what I now know is called a "pineapple." A man with a smattering of salt and pepper stubble gave me a sideways glance as we waited for the light to change.

That's some hair... he tested the waters, in a weathered voice. Wouldja believe I usedta have hair like that? 

ABSOLUTELY. I crooned back. My dad said the very same thing to me for years before he started buzzing it!  Door opened, I waited for his next move.  

WELL YA GOTTA SEE IT! My new friend whipped out his phone and scrolled his numerous photos for evidence. Do ya have high hopes for this picture?! He cackled, as the lights changed, and changed again. YOU BET YOUR ASS I DO. I chirped back. believe this is going to be worth missing my train for.  

I was right. My man had some KILLER style. All the way from strawberry blonde shoulder length 'fro (and in a soccer uniform just like my dad, no less) to blown-out, thick glossy waves, '70s prom posing, complete with powder blue suit. Did I miss my train? Yes. Was it worth it? SO MUCH YES.

I find that the louder I get with my style, the happier people are around me. And by people, I mean all kinds of people. That mini-epiphany hit me this weekend. This technicolor armor I built up over the years was borne out of being different--a little bit of every race, and not enough of any race. Everyone told me I didn't fit in their box, so I made my own. Now the armor I put on is actually becoming an invitation, to all kinds of folk. Many of the barriers of the past, imagined and real (and in the present, that I deal with every day in the "business") are just not there in these random encounters. I love it.

Now, maybe those shout-outs on the street and smiles on the subway are because my rainbow jolt is more amusing than anything else, but if my mass of Sideshow Bob hair, or swath of neon, puts a smile on someone's face, I don't much care where that smile originates from. Smiles are a commodity these days.

I guess I should tell you about the dress, yes? She is the True Bias Ogden Cami, that glorious and beloved pattern, cut a bit shorter, and maxi-fied with two rectangular tiers of gathered fabric. Pineapple printed viscose, to be exact. To match the hair, naturally. Summer style, about as easy as you can get! 

(Though it will take you some time to gather those panels. I suggest a beverage with an umbrella in it to ease that li'l bit of pain. A Piña Colada, perhaps? It's summertime, y'all. Go full pineapple.)

fabric: mood, this took about 2.5 yards
pattern: true bias ogden cami, modified