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'Tis the season to have something other than a Halloween post gracing the pages of Ye Olde Blog, whaddayasay?

It's the last day of #bpsewvember, and although I didn't play every day, I got a few grams up. As usual, the prompts reminded me of longer stories that could be told on the blog, and as usual, I got sucked into all of the eye candy and never got to typing. Not that it's any great loss, my stories don't make much sense anyway. This is something I'm beginning to understand, as my friends become really comfortable with me-- you know, the kind of comfortable where you see your girl making a bad decorating choice, and you can eye her judiciously, and say imma let you work that out. And she does. That was actually the theme of this Thanksgiving's crafting, as Brilliant Chica and I embarked on our yearly tradition of glitter and feather bombing various inanimate objects. This holiday, it was placemats. Again, evidence on Instagram. But I digress, and have lost the original point of the story. Hashtag full circle.

(Yes, I'm going to type out "hashtag" for the remainder of this post. Like typing HAHAHAHAHA instead of LOL. Because It makes me HAHAHAHAHA.)

oonaballoona | a sewing blog by marcy harriell | vogue 1172

I fell prey to the siren song of this weekend's online sales, and grabbed a b e a u t i f u l designer book from my wishlist: Valentino. I gotta show you this book very, very soon, because Santa should bring it to you. IT IS GLORIOUS. Even Ruggy was able to tear himself away from Denver beating The Cheating Patriots (hashtag THERE IS A GOD) to gaze at a few pages.

What struck me, aside from the sheer jaw dropping amazingness of Valentino, was the layering of fabrics, and the weaving of fabrics to create new fabrics. And the amount of fabric used! To have that much yardage at your disposal!! Can you imagine? Enough to sew with abandon! Throw on a sweeping train! How about a dozen fabric melon sized roses? And cut! And recut!

RECUT. I did that today. I recut the side back bodice pieces of this dress, Vogue 1172 (hashtag bpsewvember "next up"). THIS IS SOMETHING I RARELY IF EVER DO. When I read posts that sensibly and carefully state, "I had to recut the sleeves, as the print wasn't quite matching up" I get all misty eyed. You had to recut?! BUT WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE FIRST SET OF SLEEVES? AND HOW MUCH MORE FABRIC DID YOU USE?! HOW WILL YOU EVER HAVE ENOUGH FOR THE REST OF THE GOWN?!??!

Because really, what I want everyone to make, pretty much all the time, is a gown. 

But recut I did, when the side seams were off by a half set of plaid. Even with the knowledge that I'd be layering lace over plaid, and semi camouflaging it, it hurt my eyes. And nothing in the book which inspired me to get sewing today hurt my eyes.

oonaballoona | a sewing blog by marcy harriell | vogue 1172

Not that this ain't on the road to doing some serious retinal damage, plaid matched side seams or no...

Ok, a wee bit of housekeeping linkage for those that wants it! Since Halloween, I've been popping up around the web, in some expected places and unexpected places... there's another Anna Sui dealio up on MSN, and some feathery lace earrings are live at The Sewing Party today. George made LACE, yo! I've also been graced with another Burdatsyle blogging award, though honestly, I don't know why, considering it's hashtag Haven'tPostedSinceHalloween up in here. Imma let me work that one out. Thank you to whomever nominated and/or voted for me, seriously, it brings a great big goofy grin to my face!