just catting around

well, there have been a few requests to see miss layla cat, so here she is:

currently she is on a new drug cocktail, listening to vivaldi, and chilling out.

i think i may join her.


  1. Oh, Layla looks like she might be feeling better? What a face, like a Picasso painting!

  2. Oh, a tortoiseshell! Tell Layla she's beautiful; tortoises are among my favourites. Right after Bisha and cute tabbys like this one: http://evy-and-cats.deviantart.com/art/437-84256074. I'm telling you about that tabby because: 1) the author posted the picture especially for me :-) and 2) the cat's mother is a tortoiseshell, too. And, hopefully, telling Layla she's beautiful will make her feel all right...

  3. Layla's eyes look cloudy. Have they figured out what's wrong with her yet? Don't those LA vets know anything?

    Pepper, Candy, Sullivan, and Rosy all say, "GET WELL LAYLA!"

  4. i've passed on all well wishes to layla and i think it's helping. her new drug cocktail seems to be working...


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