happy momma's day

thanks, mom, for instilling in me a love of alcohol from an early age.

i'm just kidding. my dad gets all the credit for that.

happy mother's day to all the mothers i am so lucky to know!


  1. !!!


    Don't anyone believe Oona! I was there. That was a glass of milk!

    How could such a lovely child turn out so wicked?

    I shudder to think what Oona will post on Father's Day!

    I'm going to have a drink.

  2. You're too young to drink. Have a glass of milk!

    Actually, upon reflection, I recall that the glass you're holding in that photo WAS EMPTY! You picked it up and pretended to drink from it. I believe it was the very first time you "drank" from a glass.

    Your mother and I cracked up. We scrambled to find the camera and somehow convince you to repeat your little trick for posterity. And you did. Notice your smiling eyes. Clever child, you were in on your own little joke!

  3. ah, even as a child i was hi-larious.

    and what beverage was previously in that container, mr. big daddy???

  4. Yes, you always were (and still are) a hoot! What a good photo of a really cute little comic. And I love the ballet photo!

    Just where are you getting all of these old photos? Have you been up to your usual tricks? Looks like I'll have to train Sullivan to be a guard dog.

    I believe the previously held beverage could have been iced tea -- NOT Long Island iced tea -- just regular iced tea. Or perhaps fruit juice. Also sans alcohol. Or maybe water.

    You know I don't drink much. ;)

  5. Yes I agree with Big Daddy Oona.
    Besides back in that day every beverage was most likely in glass (like wine bottles), what appears to be a bottle of wine may not be...


    i wish they still bottled everything in glass, what with all the plastic leeching hormone disruptor shite.


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