please hold

i like may.  don't you?  the flowers are blooming, the mothers are happy, the babies conceived in the dog days of summer are celebrating, the tremendously sick cat is holed up in our one bathroom---

wait, that's not right.  it's true, but it's not right.  layla is throwing a bit of a wrench into the merry merry month of may.  we think she'll be fine, but right now she's one more excuse for us to be late with birthday, swapping and mother's greetings... so please hold.  a decorator will be with you shortly.


  1. Pity about your cat... Ours has three kittens. :-)
    ...and birds are singing...
    I like the fabrics. Especially the violet one, because I have almost the same colour in MY stash. :D

  2. Aw, poor Layla. Is there anyway you can post a pic of her when she was feeling herself?
    We've got a birdie outside our garden room window who built a nest in the holly tree. A robin. Hopefully birdies will be singing here soon.

  3. Yes, please, post about Layla!

  4. Uh, I forgot... I used the violet fabric from MY stash for yet another headband. (And it's on my blog.) I'd love to see what you make with yours... It's such a special colour.

  5. okay, there she is...

    she seems to be feeling well enough so that i can make a little sewing racket. maybe i'll use the violet :)


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