tag, go to page 123.

geri at sewable tagged me (well, sort of, she tagged her whole blogroll but i'll take it!) for a quick little book meme (yeah, i didn't really know what meme meant either, it's one of those words like gigabyte that you use but you don't really get) so here it is (directions are from colette, who tagged geri):

(is the run on sentence giving away my coffee intake for the morning?)

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

well, the book nearest me is a canticle for leibowitz, and i don't really want to flip to page 123, because i'm not past page 56 yet, and r has successfully beaten out of me the urge to flip ahead in books. so i'll take my favorite book, evidence of things unseen, which although i've read several times over i'm always surprised by. (that's 50% due to marianne wiggins' awesomeness, and 50% due to my instant amnesia which occurs immediately after finishing a book, movie or play. it's convenient.)

Opal shrank.
What areya so angry fer?
Fos gently peeled the felt cloche off her head with one hand and ran his other over her damp hair.

which is so not satisfying me. it's not a barechested drugstore read, for godsakes. so here's the paragraph that precedes it:

Fos followed her between the parted branches, the leaves scattering a silver light over a hundred mirrored planes. The branches formed a dome around them almost twelve feet in diameter. Fos walked to its farthest side then turned to face her. Light undulated over her, transmitting coded messages across her skin as if ships far out at sea were signaling. Take the damn fool hat off for godsake, Fos finally said.

see? i do have an uppercase button on my keyboard. i tag: eileen, hana, mick, maya (don't worry, you can do this at home), and jen. maybe we'll find a new favorite read out of this. oh yeah, and mom, i'm tagging you because i know you love to read, you're where i got it from. not so much because i've read about it on your blog, you know, that you don't post on. just sayin.

i gotta ease up on the coffee.


  1. Great idea with the favourite book! It make much more sense this way I just thought I may give your favourite book a try... I always flip books ahead I am not the adrenalin kind of person. I can carry on reading patiently if I know the end...
    And I read books again and it is really a blessing to be able to forget your favourite book.

  2. oh please try it! it's a beautiful book. and very creative, like you.

    i love that i forget immediately. takes me 7 or so reads/watches to really cement it in my head.

  3. For the first time in my life, I'm tagged.
    Don't do that very often to me, though, please, this one turned out as quite a big nonsense...

  4. ...Eh, don't understand it wrong, I mean my three sentences, not the whole idea...

  5. That is rather convenient, that you forget immediately! I do have a habit of rereading certain books a lot, but it often doesn't have the same impact as it did the first time around.

    Oh, and I tagged you for a different meme on my blog. ;)

  6. strange that you should mention memes, as i've been quite immersed lately in the writing of richard dawkins (the famed biologist who coined the term)...alright, i'll give this a go -- although, being such a homebody, i don't think i can even come up with five people to tag in return!

  7. ha! hana, i love it. i'm excited to read your sentences. bend the rules if you like, i did:)

    oh my god becky, i'm really gonna have to think about your meme. i'm excited... but as maya said, 6 PEOPLE to tag? eek. guess i'll bend the rules again.

  8. um, and COOL, maya, a biologist coined that term? i hope you enlighten us in your meme turn...

  9. I'm going to jump the line because I don't get the whole "tag" thing anyway.

    Richard Dawkins, according to Wiki.

    "Richard Dawkins, in his book, The Selfish Gene,[2] recounts how and why he coined the term meme to describe how one might extend Darwinian principles to explain the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena. He gave as examples tunes, catch-phrases, beliefs, clothing-fashions, and the technology of building arches."

    Did I breal the rules?

  10. i so don't get it. so why do we call these blog-games-of-tag memes? isn't putting the same questions to 10 bloggers different than 10 bloggers coming up with the same type of post on their own?

    and no, you didn't break the rules, but if you had a blog i could tag you :). reason number 2.

  11. Because the blog games of tag spread ideas and cultural phenomena?

    As for my chances of ever starting a blog, believe me, Oona, no none wants to read what I have to say. My blog would make you sorry you ever suggested it.


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