face it.

my facing is flipped over.

the latest oona does it! is up over at the sew weekly.  i really enjoyed this particular challenge, you can read all about the details in the column.  the inspiration for it was difficult but fun, and once i figured out the way to go i was absurdly pleased with myself at the outcome.  chuffed, one might say.  mais, the camera does not lie.

my frigging facing is flipped over.

you're going to see this dress again in a month or so, when i change the length from maxi to T and pair it with a blazer. i'm pretty excited about that.

perhaps at that point i will have fixed the GODDAM FACING.

(this is me contemplating the fact that my facing is flipped over.)


  1. Just thinking about misbehaving facings gets me mad! Luckily your lovely dress distracted me from beating up my guilty garments.

  2. It is a glorious creation! Mucho sexy and very Out of Africa. Loves it, I do!

    Stitch in the ditch and slam that facing down!

  3. Thank you for the follow, dear. Happy holidays! I'll be back after I'm done eating, etc.

  4. Yup, I was just thinking that that awful facing is the only thing you notice about the whole dress. Not! Everything is cute about it - the long skirt, the strapless bodice, the lace.... And my god, woman, your hair is so gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Love the dress and the outfit in general. And that lace!

  6. ***

    thank you ladies!

    @ sarah: i did. i think the mesh is too flimsy?

    @ desiree: you're welcome :)

    @ katrina: my unwashed 'do thanks you!

  7. Girl, you in the 'hood and not even droppin' by for dinner?

    BTW, that dress is AMAZING.

  8. It ain't fair you're this cute. I've flipped over you flippin facing. Merry christmas hun!

  9. This dress looks so calm and amazing I almost feel like its would be easy to make, but with all the hell it put you through, it makes me think twice about trying it out. but its is sooooo gorgeous! keep up the good work

  10. Did you change the facing????

    Stunning dress and the shot! Oh my!

  11. That last photo is a knockout. WHOA.

  12. @ ladykatza: HUH?! is that your hood?!

    @ emilykate: sending BIG HOLIDAY HUGS to you girl!!!

    @ cupcakes: oh no, you must try it! it's hard, but the directions are exquisite.

    @ don: coming from you, that is a great compliment... and i am tackling the facing TODAY.

    @ coppertop: hello, red! thank you!

  13. I love that second photo - nice setting, great exposure!

  14. What a lovely dress! When I saw it, I thought: it can be a great bride dress.

  15. Psst... Oona, I got my dress! Not sewn by moi but by my lovely mama instead. She surprised me because she knew I didn't have the time with finishing a job, moving house and going overseas. It is gorgeous and my favourite item in my wardrobe right now! Looking forward to seeing how yours has been refashioned! And thank you again for going through all the hell just for little 'ole me :)


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