whoah (!)

do you ever talk like a newsie?  i find myself doing it all the time, honestly.  well, a cross between a newsie and jean arthur.  i actually said yowza the other night when i spilled my wine, and let out a rather audible whoah! when i saw my double agent dress on burdastyle and realized it was not my studio page, it was the front page....

which reminded me, i have yet to show you my contribution to the burdastyle book!

back in aught 10, when we walked uphill in the snow to school both ways, i was asked to hand in some sketches for alison's blouse and skirt patterns, along with fabric choices, and burdastyle would pick the one they liked best. would you like to see them?  really?  that's so nice of you to take an interest in me.  

i'll even leave my dorky captions in there.

one skirt variation, and four blouses.  can you tell i was hoping to get a blouse variation?  the maxi insanity was my favorite, but i'm glad they didn't choose it because at the time, i had no idea how to do buttonholes.  or work with the slippery fabric i'd chosen for it.  (hey, the skirt reminds me of a kazz creation!  though hers is way more cool.)

they went with the stretchy brooklyn-y i'm going to the gym but really i'm just gonna walk around and look cool vibe.  i forgot to color in the sleeves on one side, and my photoshop and mac are no longer friends, so blemished it stays.  

the fabric was really the prettiest jersey i'd ever laid hands on, from britex fabrics (you can see the work in progress post here).  i cut it like i was performing open heart surgery.  and i saved every little scrap of it, eventually morphing it into my green green dress.

it ended up on page 138 in the book, as a dress variation... mais non, it was based on this:

i abandoned the hood when i realized the model would look like a wood elf.  now i wish i had done it.  maybe i'll throw one in there.

it's like a size negative zero, my thought being it had to fit a model and not a curvy kalkatroonan.  so. there's no way i'm putting it on right now, as my head is sufficiently swelled and i don't feel like deflating at this moment (double thanks from ruggy, burdastyle! i am impossible to deal with at the moment!).  maybe i'll try it on after the holidays.  you know, after the weight gain and the crushing depression of january. it is stretch jersey, so i might get away with it.  

okay. that's enough bragging for today.

who am i kidding.  i'm off to make a taffy blouse and then see two thirds of the bad plus in concert.  i rule the world.  WHAT AN EXCEPTIONALLY BRATTY POST!  i outdo myself, i truly do.

so, what'ch'y'all up to?


  1. That is AWESOME! You are a contributor to a BOOK! ALL CAPS ROCK!

  2. damn that is one perfect green. i don't blame you for saving every single scrap for repurposing.

    and oooh you are in a BOOK! that is amazing!! yes, yes your head should be huge right now & you should be a complete brat... you've earned this one :D

  3. awww congrats!!
    You're published, and its for something really cool. I second the hood, as I see nothing wrong with looking like an elf lol

  4. You say "look like a wood elf" like it's a bad thing... What can I say. I know I'm a geek.

    It's a fun variation.

  5. You do rule the world Oooooooona! Brat away! x

  6. That is so wonderful! But of course, I now have to go out and buy the damn thing so I can copy you. THANKS.

  7. I'm with Becky -- who says looking like a wood elf is bad?

    Published! Waaa - hooo! That is so stinking awesome. Proud of you, girl.

  8. There's nothing bratty about sharing awesomeness among friends. Very cool!

    I am super inspired by the maxi maxi dress sketch. Love it opened over pants (leggings?)...

  9. That's awesome! I need to get this book, I've been hearing about it so much lately and it sounds great.

  10. brag away, my friend.. it's well deserved
    i love your sketches, by the way

  11. Very nice Oona! With your great style and fun personality to boot, I predict we'll be buying a a sewing book written completely by you before any of us realize what happened. The burdastyle book is on my xmas list, hopefully I'll receive it soon. :)

  12. You know what? This was one of my favourite dresses in the book! I should have figured..... :)

  13. Ha! A wood elf! I always feel elfish in my knit hooded dress, so there you go. I really need to lay my hands on a copy of this. Le sigh.

  14. Also, totally forgot to say that yes, I speak like that! "Jeepers!" and "Holy smokes!" frequently come out of my mouth.

  15. Yay book, you fancy lady! Will you autograph me (if Santa is nice enough to bring me a copy) since you're all celebratized now?????

  16. Thanks for leaving the captions in, they're the greatest thing ever (other than being published in a book and having an excellent glass of something in your hand). I LOVE the little pocket for treasures, rhinestone buttons (Burdastyle should get into it) and dresses that contain maximum twirling power (for tipsy dancing in the kitchen!). Your dress is amazing, but next time a hood! You could be the inventor of elfin chic. Or ninja elfin chic (if the hood was used for hiding). Continue ruling the world, you're doing a pretty good job.

    PS. I just finished Sing Off Season 3 (there was an episode marathon involved). Did you see the Queen medley? I think our brains melted.

  17. Congratualtions! That is such an amazing dress!!! Not sure about the hood myself for work-days... but could be a nice add-on for weekend strolls...

  18. You fabulous darling you - I adore your versions!

  19. Ooh love the back of your dress! I was admiring it in the book since we're dress neighbors there (yay!) but seeing this now makes me pretty bummed out that I can't see the backs of everyone's garments! That maxi is AMAZING also. You probably still need to make that.

  20. How fun that you got to design all of those dresses for BurdaStyle. You should make more of them. I would love to see either maxi dress come to life.

  21. And, oh yes, you forgot to mention it, you can draw too. Yowza! Love it all.

  22. LOVE the geometric lines of the shirt. And the double agent dress is so in my future. You've earned the bragging rights, my dear:)

  23. ..

    @ EVERYONE: thank you kindly and yet BRATTILY! i may do all these dresses. why not?

    @ becky &
    @ rachael: i'm having deja vu. but this time i'm sold on the hood!

    @ mokosha &
    @ sigrid: thank you, but i must be honest and tell you i didn't draw the ladies, the figures are free downloadable gals. maybe i can find that link...

    @ ashley: I BLUSH. and hope. what would mine be about? something to do with booze, surely.

    @ amanda: we've stalled on number 8, but yeah, those boys killed that. TOTALLY shocked.


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