two cool

burdastyle sent their christmas card out this week, and i was an elf on it! as were drinking buddies don and liza jane

but what's really cool is: click on the card, and you're whisked to thing link, where each image in the montage has a nifty little rollover button.  the button takes you to the specific link.  you could, say, upload all the garments you've made this year, linking each shot to your blog / flickr / facebook / burdastyle studio, and have a complete year end card.  i haven't looked too far into it, so i'm not sure how many images you can put in a card, but i'm sure some industrious soul will contemplate this over a post holiday relaxing irish coffee. 

or you might rather contemplate a thrifty shopping cart. in that case, shabby apple just sent a sale link out for my peeps! thanks shabby :) just click here for twenty percent off sale items and free shiparoo, and enter code WINTERSALE.

i'd get this stripey number, if you can't already tell where my tastes lean...

hope you're having a moment to relax before the next holiday craze!


  1. Look at you!
    I've noticed that Burda has been using LinkThing on the website and have wanted try it out. Looks like there is a plugin for blogs that makes embedding more seamless. Thanks, Oona!

  2. Whhaaaatt? No way! That is so cool. I feel famous.

  3. Yay! I saw this on the weekend and thought, "I know that famous double agent".

    I tried Thinglink last night and it's pretty cool. I tagged about 10 links in one photo. I may overuse it in the next few weeks because it's one of those tools that until you know about it, you don't need it. Then it becomes indespensable.

  4. i still haven't mustered up the energy to figure it out.

  5. How cool. We rock! Nice to be singled out. Best (belated) wishes for the season

  6. well don, thanks for keeping me company during my 39 hour flu. looked at LOADS of your pictures but didn't have the strength to comment!


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