hubba husband

i made ruggy a shirt.

this is not the shirt.

but we were all dolled up for a night out on the town with parental kalkatroonans and i had to get a picture.  (and i did make my shirt.)  it was a wonderful boozy jazzy night, surrounded by the lights of the city and the billy hart quartet (the man has a syncopated metronome implanted in his brain, and dizzy's needs to get on this tip.  ethan iverson explains it much better.  MORE OF THIS PLEASE DIZZY'S.)  would that i had grabbed a shot of the four of us: kalkatroona dad donned a green plaid shirt with yellow accents, a gray sportscoat, and a silver and black tie. in case you're wondering where i get my pattern matching skillz from.

luckily the shot passes muster with ruggy, because there's no way i'm going through the negroni photos again for an extra oona does it! wrap up here.  no, this is just to let you know there's some man candy going on over at my column on the sew weekly.... ruggy takes center stage.   


  1. Je pense que vous êtes à la fois génial super. (Google totally translated that for me. I'm not that advanced in my French yet) This picture is super adorable!

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  3. "Cette photo est super adorable!"

    or in Quebquoise:

    "Colis, que vous êtes sexy!"

    (OK, my French is only intermediate. We need a native French speaker STAT! and I removed that last post because I spelled something incorrectly, not because I didn't mean it)

  4. You two are a couple of hotties!

  5. LOVE this photo! Sounds like a fabulous night!!

  6. Okay. Best looking couple in history. Brad and Angelina look like a couple of slobs :)

  7. Lookit you two spunks! And Ruggy is also heating up the browser over at Sew Weekly !

    I enjoyed the teaser on Kakatroonan Dad's ensemble... any chance we could get an interview with him on his sartorial philosphies, and an accompanying photoshoot?

  8. Damn, you two are so gorgeous I'm gonna lay down and cry! ;) I agree with Mick, ya'll make Brad & Angelina look like they fell out of a dumpster!

  9. if the night was half as good as the two of you look on your way out, the city will be a long time in recovery :-)

  10. @ meg: i got: i think y'all are super geniuses. the correct translation is also awesome.

    @ vicki: and then: package, is super adorable! which makes me wonder where your mind is.

    @ shannon: teehee.

    @ debi: it WAS!

    @ mick: you had me at "in history".

    @ sarah: there's no crying in christmas! only drinking!

    @ puu: we wrecked the joint. aw yeah, baby.

  11. @ miss scientist: you need an invitation?! LET'S HAVE IT.

  12. Was going to leave comment over there, but since I'm here--fabulous! I love the shirt and sympathize with the "serious is the new funny" poses. D is getting me to work on my brand of funny. And New York... Jazz... Christmas... so lovely... makes me feel so twangy.

  13. Your post on Sew Weekly had me CRACKING UP!! It sounds just like my dude. "Hey can you fix this hole in my pants that is NOT on the seamline so it won't show?" No! I am not a magician. The shirt looks awesome and the pearl snaps were such a good choice! What a lucky hubby!!

  14. Tabarnak = equivalent of fuck (fairly well known one)
    Tabarslaque = mild version of same
    Tabarrouette = mild version of same (literally means "your wheelbarrow")
    Colis = medium curse (literally a challis or package; pronounced Caaaaaaw-lis!)
    Ostie = medium curse (like shit)
    hmmmm...that's all I can think of now. I guess I have to go hang with the janitors again to remember some more.

  15. Aww sweet,and I see your pose carefully frames the serger in the background.

  16. Ooo, is your shirt the Taffy blouse from Colette? Looks great, as do the both of you! A very festive shot.

    I was up in NYC for 2 interviews this past week and would've loved to have met you, too bad things were so busy! It'd be great to move back to the city, but oh the joy(!) of fitting my "sewing posse" in a teeny tiny apt. We shall see!

  17. You two are totally adorable! :)
    The shirt is cool too, love the pearly snaps!

  18. @ amy: it's nice to feel twangy. i'm twangy right now!

    @ jen: i commiserate with you. it always starts with "this shouldn't be hard..."

    @ vicki: ostie! and how the tabarnak do you say jackass?! that's one of my favorites.

    @ sigrid: yes, elli is being tres sweet for the holidays.

    @ amanda: it is! details soon... yes, we miss again. third time's the charm? you get very economical in an ny sewing area :)

    @ alessa: thanks girl!

  19. You two look great! Looks like a very sweet guy :)

  20. Yep it was a fun night--the two of you looked like you stepped out of a magazine!


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