administrative interlude

ruggy's watching the razorbacks. i'm going down a rabbithole of clickety clicks.  we're both drinking johnny walker black.  (thanks big daddy.)

so, i'm gonna claim my blog on le bloglovin.  i don't know why.  it's part of the rabbit hole.  so here's the jibjab i'm supposed to put in a new post:

oh lookit that! the code comes out as a follow me link!  no seriously i did NOT know it was going to do that.  okay. scroll down and read about more interesting stuff!  i gotta go drink clickety click!


  1. I have no idea what watching the razorbacks means or what it involves but I like to think it's some kind of dinosaur fight show.

    Drinkety drink up as you clickety click away - have a great night!

  2. My hubby was watching the same game, though I suspect that your hubby was probably happier with the outcome than mine. ;-) I also was doing the clicking thing, since football holds very little appeal to me.

  3. Do you use bloglovin as a reader? Just curious. Google reader has been screwing up my blogroll lately. Not happy with it.

  4. i follow you on bloglovin since i first discovered your blog.. i love love love bloglovin, makes everything sooo easy
    .. have a sip of old johnny for me.. no booze where i am now

  5. @ amanda: THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

    @ cgc: oops... sorry :)

    @ liza jane: i was toying with it, that's when i fell down the claimyourblog rabbithole. everyone seems to love it.

    @ oh no mokosha: no booze?! say it ain't so.

  6. You're welcome, Oona.

    You know what they say: Once you try Black you'll never go back.

    Johnnie Walker Black, that is. ;)

    Or whatever.

    Worked for me. Mostly. :D

  7. Amanda,

    Razorbacks are THEM DAMN UGLY HOGS!



    The previous post is provided for informational purposes only and is in no way to be construed as a tacit and/or otherwise subjective or objective approval or disapproval of THEM HOGS since I do not under any circumstances or at any time either watch or listen to any sports whatsoever because I am convinced in point of fact that any and all sports are indeed, to paraphrase the late Chairman Mao (originally re: religion), the new "opiate of the masses".

    PS Amanda -- I do agree with your assessment because American football is in essence a type of dinosaur fight show.

  8. Big Daddy, you're amazing - you made my otherwise very average day. Thanks for the education, as far as I can tell the Razorbacks are athletic collegiate boars. But sport never was my thing so I could be totally wrong. When cellar door attendance becomes a recognised sport I shall become an athlete. With that in mind, kudos to you for sharing your alcohol with others.

  9. Like she said. Been following your blog with bloglovin' *for ages*! ;) Also, I'll have some of that booze in my tea, thanks.

    PS: WV potander. Like, a really, *really* big colander?

  10. Is bloglovin something I should be using? I see it pop up in my referrers, so I guess peeps use it.

    Word veri - comente. french for comment, of course. my previous one was geysest. i'm totally telling all my gays they're the bestest geysest ever.

  11. You're welcome, Amanda. Your description of Razorbacks is quite accurate.

    Word verification -- "cansespe" -- what a person with poor spelling skills does after a night of heavy drinking in Kansas.

    Time for another Jim Beam.

  12. @ amanda & big daddy: this is Too. FUNNY.

    @ alessa & lavender: excellent word verifications!


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