chirp chirp

somehow i missed this, so maybe you did too... tilly is throwing a little tweety bird party, that is, a sewing social on twitter.  it's today, in just a few hours.  all of the details are here in her post.  use the hashtag #sewingsocial. this will be my first try at a hashtag.  que fancy.  had to actually google the meaning of it.  i plan to cut out a few patterns and tweet along while i'm sewing poolside.  don't hate.   (really don't hate, i'm not sewing for myself.  i'm sewing for a laundry list of blogger friends i need to repay!)

i'm @kalkatoonaOona (someone already had oonaballoona, so there, your hating has paid off.  HEY LOOKIE THERE NEVERMIND!  the imposter haz left the building!  (i don't actually know if she's an imposter, it's just more fun to think of her in a black cape and mask, sneaking out of a big blue twitter building and leaving the moniker behind, shimmering quietly in a stairwell, waiting for me to swoop in and claim it.)  i'm now @oonaballoona on twitter, i hope that doesn't mess things up for those of y'all tweeting with me so far.

happy sunday!


  1. I'll be there too! So exciting ain't it!? I'm a newbie to twitter too (I had to ask Tilly was a hashtag was in the comments). I'll see you there (not really)!

  2. Ooooh! I found the blog of the pretty 'Sew Retro: Bombshell DressES' They are lovely and inspired me to make mine!

    Nice to meet ya! You are officially on my Bloglovin'

    Mwah x

  3. Dammit! Why do I have to be a day ahead of everyone and go to work while this awesome social is on? I shall have to be a voyeur and keep an eye on the twitters while answering phones... sigh

  4. Love that pink yellow grey beauty! Show us more...


  5. Uhhh... whoops... I'm an hour too late! Damn! I can never remember to do things on Sundays!


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