what did you do new year's eve Eve

so, you might have noticed last week, i made colette's taffy blouse.  and also a self drafted skirt from the scraps of pajama bottoms made for Hot Mama.  this ensemble was actually worn in public, to see the billy hart quartet during our kalkatroonaan christmas.

i would've liked to have worn it last night to our new year's tradition of seeing the bad plus at the village vanguard, but in order to get the best seats there, you have to be first in line outside the joint.  warmth trumps blouse made of air. 

we spent the first set with our friends, at a modest distance from the stage.  Dapper Friend had red corduroy pants on, and many of you will be interested to know: the grain ran horizontally rather than vertically.  my mind was blown.  what was left of the blown bits of my mind were then shredded as our favorite band in the world voraciously ripped into their newest creations.  

the neck was pretty wide, and of course not having made a muslin, i just pushed and pulled until i found darts that made me happier.

i had a teacher who talked a lot about the basketball effect: you're watching a game, and a player makes a particularly stunning move, and your body moves with it unintentionally, pushing and pulling an invisible ball. lots of basketball going on last night between the athletes on stage, and in the audience.  both parties were also guilty of excessive grinning.

for the second set, we were able to move up front to our favorite table, and during the break ethan copped a squat and we talked about blogs, lawyers, and buffy the vampire slayer.  at this point the rest of my mind was phaser blasted to happy dusty particles. 

i just serged lots of strips together until i had a tunnel shape that would accomodate le booty.  there are six seams altogether.  speaking of serging, i finished the arm edges like so.  i'm not into the bias tape much.

being that close to the stage is amazing sight and sound wise, which is why i love that particular table, but you're also very aware of being almost a part of the stage.  i mean, my foot was resting on the lip.  you are actually sitting in the light of the stage at this table.  it starts to feel like you're invading something very private, like maybe you're on safari and you don't want to make any sudden movements and disturb the wild life.  

again, seeking an alternative to bias tape, i handstitched some trim around the serged neckline.

until i was comfortable enough to steal glances at their faces, i was fascinated by their hands.  their hands are insane.  ethan's on piano, his fingers sort of do backbends and then the CGI technicians come in for his solos. reid's on upright bass, his hands meld into the wood like they're made of liquid.  dave's on drums, his digits alternately choke and caress sticks, cymbals, brushes, playskool toys and rubber ET dolls.  it was so cool to see their hands do their work that close.

my hands have now got to get busy on new year's eve preparations, though my ears are still full of music.  have a great night, y'all.  drink one for me, i'll certainly drink one for you. 


  1. Love, love the blouse. Fabric is fabulous.

  2. Love the ensemble, and that blouse is super swank! Horizontal corduroy?! Clearly we're into a way new decade of fashion. Happy New Year's!

  3. Oooh! These garments are to die for. Great pairing!
    Also, I love this post! You're a fantastic writer, my dear.
    Wishing you a happy new year!

  4. The blouse is so delicate and lovely, and your shoes are awesome as well.

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous NYE eve! Have a great time tonight...I'll totally drink a toast to you my dear! Here's to another year of fabulous fun!! xoxoxo

  6. Ooh you must have had a few peeps looking at The Village Vanguard! Lovely outfit. Stop by my New Years link up! Happy New Year.
    Justine @ Sew Country Chick

  7. That is some great looking fabric. and your night sounds amazing!

  8. What a naughtily delicious take on Taffy! I hearts it muchly!

    Sounds like you had a glorious evening!! Happy New Year to you, Oona dahlink, and all of Clan Baloona!

  9. Great job on the outfit and love those shoes! Happy New Year. I enjoy reading your blog.

  10. ooh i love your taffy! i've been wanting to make one, but i'm forever looking for the perfect fabric. love the rolled hem on the sleeves - i was wondering what that would look like, as i'm not really loving the idea of bias tape there.

    happy new year!

  11. Love that Taffy! Sounds like a great night. I resolve right now to go hear more live music this year! (Strange, we had that very same piano stool growing up. I spent hours contemplating those weird bird feet grasping those crystal balls. )

  12. love your blouse!great blog!http://msfashionstreet.blogspot.com/

  13. I did not drink one for you. We wanted to open the Rheiner Riesling (really Rheiner, too), but when we finished playing "Ticket to Ride: Europe" at around half past midnight, we were too beat up to do that. Thus, no alcohol in my little family celebration, and I did not particularly miss it, you know me.
    The blouse is pretty pretty. Somehow, your alternative ways tend to turn out beautiful.
    And I love your storytelling.

  14. Your version is gorgeous! I love the fabric you used and that fantastic trim around the neckline :) Well done, my friend!!

  15. Wonderful outfit, really awesome blouse!

    Um, I did stare at your boobs for close to a minute, wondering if the fabric is actually as see-through as I thought or if it was lined... *g*

  16. That sideways cord has me digging through my (mental) stash to see if I have any!

    You look great, as usual (yes, I will always add that) and I love that top!

    I spent my new year making a banner for our wall, noisemakers with my children and the last 15 minutes trying to keep the twins awake to greet 2012 with us.

  17. @ EVERYONE: many thanks and happy new year!!

    @ sigrid: that was ruggy's childhood piano stool, methinks. it becomes my sewing stool when we visit :)

    @ alessa: it is indeed QUITE see through, and my flesh tone bra doesn't quite make the grade. i need a nice cami.

  18. Most of the versions of this top I've seen are too boxy for me. I love how fitted yours is.

  19. Where'd you get those fantabulous shoes?

  20. @ natalie: thank you! closing up the neckline really made it feel better for me. i did all the adjustments after cutting the regular pattern.

    @ VJ:
    SHOES!! shoes are from daffy's (discount chain store like ross/marshalls/tj maxx), but the brand is pink. they're WONDERFUL and so comfortable!

  21. Lovely lovely lovely! That neckline is to die for!

  22. Classy mama! I love the serge method, and want to make a version using it, another with the bias tape. Note taken about closing up the neckline with darts...looks fab.


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