and the winner is...

mary robin, with a total guess of 39 smackeroos!

your cat is ready to be shipped and will arrive shortly.

are you kidding me? do you know how much it would cost to ship a package THAT heavy?! you will indeed receive a thrifty prize...

here are the totals from the bad ass seven:

$15 little red table (good theorizin', lauren)
$ 3 froggie painting
$ 7 red bird
$ 5 coveted measuring cups (you guys really liked those cups)
$10 type-letter thread holder
$ 3 chair
$ 5 iron

$48 grand total! congratulations mary robin!


  1. I love the cat. ;-) But no jealousy, I have mine... And congratulations, Mary Robin!

  2. Do you ship cats in other colours too?

  3. HA! well, he used to be white, now he's more like swiss coffee.

  4. Woohoo! I want my CodyCat prize!

  5. Wow what deals!!!
    Congrats Mary Robin on the winning guess--we could ship you a dog of your choice if Cody is unavailable, lol.

  6. Now that would be quite the zoo: my fish, CodyCat and dog as high as my head!


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