i've got music on my brain and blisters on me fingers

i've been thinking about the impending creative cacophony swap thrown by casey. the swap is about music as your muse, and what tunes really get you going. well, i have this affliction? gift? where there is music playing constantly in my head. never nothing. no commercial breaks. always something. this was inherited from my pops (big daddy, for those taking a gander at the comments). so this swap is waaaay up my alley. i often feel like a very mild version of the folks in awakenings. though my head is occupied by its own constant soundtrack, without sound pumping through speakers that are located somewhere other than between my ears whilst creating, i just sort of stop. and i need different sounds for different creating. for sewing, it's jazz, brazilian, anything fun, steady and constant. but for painting, it has to be someth

*i'm sorry, r is currently clapping on the 1 & 3 rather than the 2 & 4 in honor of reverend jeremiah wright's little speech this weekend, and my brain cells cannot function*

*clapping over, stevie wonder's "sir duke" resumes unscathed*

where was i? yes. for painting it's usually something moody, quirky or intense. so i thought i'd share a few paintings with you, along with the songs that inspired them. the painting above was inspired by and titled after jeff buckley's unfinished song,
everybody here wants you.

and i love me some peter gabriel:

painting: lovesick song: the book of love (cover tune, originally by magnetic fields.)

this was inspired by an album rather than song, from the postal service:

painting: untitled album: give up

and, inspired by the music of sofia copolla's flick, marie antoinette. i had to rely on the speakers in my brain for this one, which might be why it took me so long:

painting: sunrise at versailles

and oh, here's the "blisters on me fingers" part (well, actually f'ed up hands from sewing, i just like that lennon quote)... if you'd like to know about what inspires me sewing-wise, i am the featured member over at burdastyle!  tee hee.

what's your muse?


  1. I'd always thought it was Paul that screamed that? Since he was the one who sang Helter Skelter... I could be wrong, though.

    Anyway, love your paintings! You're so talented. And congrats on being the featured member! I enjoyed reading your interview.

    My muse... hmm. I tend to watch movies while I sew, just because it's the only way I can justify sitting in front of the tv for a couple hours. At least when I'm crafting, I'm productive. But when I do listen to music while I craft, it tends to be stuff like Andrew Bird, the Decemberists, Radiohead, movie soundtracks, sometimes classical... depends on my mood, really.

  2. Music, too, for me, even though I'm not listening to it while sewing, simply because my (= mom's) old socialistic sewing machine makes so much noise...
    I don't know the songs you're mentioning. But I love your paintings. Especially the last one, it looks a lot like some calm lake...
    Oh yes, and congratulations yet again!

  3. These paintings are great! So "happy", I definitively see music in them.

  4. I just jumped over to Burdastyle - you're designs are fantastic! So fun.

  5. One more observation: I'm copying a pattern now while listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival.

  6. thanks koti & mary robin!

    becky: hold the phone, i just did a little google and it may be RINGO that shouted about blisters. what ?!
    &, i've been meaning to check out the decemberists & now i will.

    hana, creedence RULES (and that last painting was supposed to feel like a lake, yahoo!).

  7. YES!
    One of the bands I've been listening to since my childhood. That feels good.

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog, Oona, especially this post with your exquisite paintings. I might be responsible for the non-stop music in your head but your mom gets all credit for anything that has to do with art.

    I always thought it was John.

    My muse is music.

    And congratulations again, featured member!

  9. OK, I had to know so I Googled it -- apparently it has been confirmed that it was Ringo who screamed (after the 18th take of "Helter Skelter" as he flung his drumsticks across the room), "I've got blisters on me fingers!"

  10. I want all of those paintings, I am so jealous! I wish I could post a pic of the Oona paintings I'm so lucky to have.
    Hey, congrats on being the Burda featured member--love that pic!!

  11. these paintings are absolutely beautiful! what an eye you've got for color and composition!

    and btw, the magnetic fields' "book of love" was my wedding song. :) albeit, we got married via a vegas drive-up window--but we had that song on repeat. (the peter gabriel version is great too.)

  12. Love your paintings!!!! I loved Marie Antoinette. You really captured the beauty there. You're so talented!

  13. maya, thank you-- and what a gorgeous song for your wedding... i LOVE your wedding story. it sounds like a beautiful music video, know what i mean?

    thanks, tangerine dream, and welcome!
    by the way, did you notice in one of the montage scenes in marie antoinette, there are converse hightops in marie's closet?

  14. These paintings are gorgeous! I didn't know you were a painter, too.

    I used to listen to a lot more music, but my house is so noisy these days that listening to NOTHING is lovely. If I had to choose, though, I'm loving the Leonard Cohen tribute album, I'm Your Man. I was always crazy about the Pixies' Doolittle. I've kinda overplayed Lucinda Williams' Car Wheels on a Gravel Road at this point...

    By the way, I STILL can't view your blog with Firefox on my Mac. Safari works fine, though. Could just be my technological cluelessness, of course.

  15. thanks sugarmama!

    i've been meaning to put that cohen album back into my mix, i'll play it loud for you.

    are you sure you're running the latest version of firefox? i tried it on my ibook and it came up, though i do mainly use safari.


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