iiiiiiiiiiii want candy

but as i have a sore throat, no candy for me. no talking, either. so i'll quietly play with some virtual candy:

r went to japan recently and in r fashion acted as though he didn't really bring anything back for me, other than a few small pieces of hotel chocolate. i believed him and immediately ate the chocolate. he then dumped 2 pounds of candy in my lap.

(i should let you know that he often does this to me and i often fall for it. he once called and asked me to go outside and look at the moon and there he was standing on my doorstep. he was supposed to be in st louis.)

these candies were carefully picked from the array of goodies on set during his commercial shoot, along with other treats found in his wanderings. one had (still has, actually, we haven't dared to try it) a picture of a mushroom on the back...with obvious side effects:

what do you think happened there? are bunny and foxy eskimo presenting snowman as a sacrifice? are they plotting to replace his head? does snowman eat the mushrooms, devour bunny and fox, take their hats and start a new snow person colony with snow head?

two of the cakes came in such beautiful wrapping, i immediately exclaimed, "i'm going to FRAME them!" r smiled, completely used to that sort of idea. but aren't those wrappers cool? the fish one, another we had concerns about, was one of our favorites, spongey and sweet. mmm. spongey. i stuffed the empty wrappers with dotted tissue paper and used ikea shadowbox frames with good old martha stewart cardstock.

but this wins most delicious. it was the first one i tried, at r's request. very sweet with a salty prune like center. i know, doesn't sound like ambrosia, but it's awesome. there's only one left.

i think the sick girl should have it.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear you have a sore throat, Oona. While you quietly convalesce have R make some honey-lemon-ginger tea for you and save the candy for when you're all better.

  2. Ohhhh, are those the crunchy chocolate mushrooms? Those are so good-- one of my Chinese- American students gave me some to try once.

    Hope the throat gets better soon!

  3. The shadowboxes are cool, that is a novel idea to use the candy for artwork, I bet these are in the living room? I think we had some of that candy too.
    Sorry you have a sore throat, no fun eating candy like that. Take BD's advice, get well soon!

  4. I hope the sick girl is better. Sore throat is one annoying illness! Apart from that, I too love the fish wrapper and I love that you framed it. That's a sort of thing I would do, too. Given I'd have a convenient frame at hand, that is...

  5. The mushrooms are good. I want some candy now too.

  6. Very cool candy - I am not a candy fan but have the tendency to open them all take a bite and declare they are too sweet...
    I hope you feel better by now. And really save it for after the illness.

  7. thank you for the well wishes! i'm ALMOST all better and ready to dive in to the candy. so close... and welcome surfingonalemon :)

  8. You should have the candy... I thought sucking on hard candy would help ease a sore throat anyway! I found your blog through another blog, from another blog... so I'm not really sure how I got there! I'm going to check out those burda patterns though, 'cause those dresses are really cute! I would love one for myself! (I didn't have an email address for you, sorry for the long comment!)



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