waiting on a want



still waiting...

don't you hate waiting?

(if i type waiting enough, it becomes a word without meaning. ah, pointless exercise bears fruit.)

anyway... 3 states in 3 days. the good people at virgin america (soul plane pictured above) took us to ny and back to la, where we immediately wished for the east coast again. we saw family and friends and laughed and ate and it hovered around 70 degrees the whole time, which certainly didn't hurt... we were there for business (part of the current WAITING), but it was 100% pleasure.

come to think of it, we even waited on the plane. but VA made the wait more bearable by giving each customer an earth day prize. shopping totes to help us all treat the earth better. pretty cool.

seriously, this is my new purse, i love it. we also waited for VA to fix our oh-so-cool tvs... no dice. so they gave us more free stuff. we both chose many tiny bottles of glenlivet and jack daniels.

off to pick up a cat at the vet's, you know, where i'll be doing more... waiting.

EDIT: so i tried to publish this post on friday, hit the little button and got this: please WAIT, blogger is down for maintenance. seriously? is someone trying to tell me something? upon returning from the vet, the wait was over, the biz end of the trip didn't work out. guess i'll have to wait for next time.

oh! i dreamt about those candy mushrooms. i opened the package and they were miraculously 10 times the size of the wrapper and looked highly questionable.


  1. Growing mushrooms? Wow!
    I can't imagine so much waiting... I'm quite an impatient person... And I also cannot imagine having to fly to meet my family, or friends, but living in the US must be very different from what I know... I prefer going by train. ;-) Which reminds me of my yesterday's trip to the open-air museum... what a pity that you cannot take pictures inside the houses, I'd show you more blue and white fabric...

  2. No matter Oona as long as it was fun!
    I hear you went to a gem of a restaurant surrounded by a beautiful flower garden, kind of like being in Italy or maybe France??
    That plane picture looks downright scary to me! I can't imagine flying to visit family either, luckily they will visit us :-)
    I hope the kitty is okay. Sometimes things blow over fast with pets, hopefully this will be the case.

  3. hana, i wish we could go by train, i think it's way cooler, like living in a movie. what is the open air museum?

    why yes eileen, we DID happen upon a little villa of a restaurant, and the company was as wonderful as the surroundings!

    layla cat is still sick, we've made a little separate room for her (which in our postage square apartment is no mean feat).... we'll see...

  4. The good old days redux.

    One of the best times I've had in my entire life. Definitely the best burger. And these After Shakespeare Mints are some of the best I've ever tasted too.

    I'm sorry to hear Layla is still sick and I'm sorry the waiting wasn't more worthwhile.

    Next time. ;)

  5. Oooh, which restaurant? I felt a little pang of "you were in town and didn't CALL?!"
    Then I got back to reality. Oops! You came during perfect weather!
    And I'm curious about the biz. Your biz...
    I just lost out on a job (unrelated to the actor world but one i wanted all the same) that I thought I'd love and thought was a no-brainer hire....but alas, here I am with a new restaurant job, so I guess we just hang on until the whys present themselves.
    I do like those new Virgin America planes. The colors and lights and fancy-schmancy dodads at your seat are so fun, but the seats are so small, methinks.
    method just sent me a book on cleaning! And baby products (!,?). Hooray for surprise things in the mail!

  6. Open-air museum: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_air_museum
    And the one I visited on Friday: http://www.vmp.cz/english/default.htm

    Going by train for me totally isn't like living in a film. :D There are much more railroads here in CR, plus they're much more frequented than in the US. And I've been travelling by train all my life. My father loves trains and knows all kinds of things about them (actually, he was designing locomotives for quite a long period of his life; and now he's testing them) and I love learning the pieces of information, like "this type of locomotive is called so-and-so among railroad people (e.g. "bumblebee" - he actually helped to design that one, "Sergei" and so on) and it's used for this and this and X years old". The problem is, I usually forget the more technical things. :P

  7. how cool, hana! i went to a museum like that as a kid, they took a picture of me making a tangled mess out of a weaving loom :) i'm going to google your dad's trains... you should post about it!

    lauren, i would feel the same way if i heard you were in LA... ha! and the restaurant of big daddy's dreams is up in the cloisters, the new leaf cafe. and he's right, truly the best burger ever.

    and the best company, BD.

    (um yeah, those seats are TEENY.)

  8. Eeeh... there's a little problem with daddy's trains, I translated their names to English. :-)


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