gone drinkin (or, what we drank, day one)

arrived 12 AM. drinking prosecco and eating the world's best birthday cake (yellow with chocolate frosting, courtesy of my mom) by 1:30 AM. currently, listening to a private concert (courtesy of big daddy and a very pretty guitar), and getting ready for a night out. since we are a drinking sort, i thought it might be fun to have week of What We Drank. maybe you'll find a new temptation here. aren't you lucky? so, prosecco... italy's answer to champagne, that most excellent of choices when one has grown tired of the everyday veuve clicquot. and really, who isn't tired of veuve clicquot. at a fraction of the cost, big daddy deems it "a very egalitarian wine." it goes perfectly with chocolate cake (so well that half the cake was gone by 3 AM). you may also enjoy it with some spicy thai, or a light summer picnic. or just on its own. who doesn't like bubbles?


  1. hmmm, i love prosecco too, discovedred that wine in Venice last year, good alternative to veuve clicquot indeed :) hi hi hi :)

  2. Shit I commented and the blogger didn't post it. My inspiration is a bit gone...
    But I wanted to play along! Fun fun fun! So - I had with dinner a weird German beer/ limo mix! Becks Green Lemon.
    It is very refreshing in summer...

  3. YEAH geri! i knew you'd play! becks green lemon sounds fascinating.

    we had a white & red tonight but big daddy is currently proposing an after dinner drink, more to come...

    and cafe couture, how cool to discover prosecco in venice, i think that's very close to where prosecco originated but BD is googling... TRUE. venice is the capital of the veneto region, and prosecco's white grapes were first grown in the veneto region, and, um, somewhere else too.

  4. Can't play, since I'm not really a drinker...I've discovered that all I can really stomach is girly fruity drinks that you can't taste the alcohol so much in. That and stuff like Mike's Hard Lemonade.

    And I think I saw something on the BurdaStyle site that indicated that Eva was originally a BWOF pattern, which would explain the no pictures. I was seriously considering asking my parents for a subscription to that for Christmas this year, since the $80 subscription is a bit pricey for my budget, but now I'm wondering if I need to rethink that because of the no pictures! Argh! So let me know how it goes.


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