what we drank, day five

please to bend down to the one called the green wine. i'm not talking about organically produced ecologically sound alcohol here, though i'm sure there is some green-green wine out there. this is vinho verde, portugese green wine, a favorite summer drink of my parents for many years. i wasn't actually into it till this visit. it may be because my first taste was from an old bottle. green wine is meant to be drunk within a year of bottling, i think, and my first bottle was probably past its prime.

speaking of which, dudes, i think this whole "what we drank" thing is past its prime. not that we're going to stop drinking, i did after all set a goal, but i find it hard to blog about drinking without feeling like i'm sounding really pretentious, or really alcoholic. but i will stay the course! two to go!


  1. Oh here we have something similar - Federweißer - it is a unbrewed wine in a way. It is kind of a Alsace thing cause you drink it and eat Tarte Flambee. You can get it only in July/ August. It is basically grape juice that is the first stadium of fermentation. You get your bottle and it is not sealed so it can brew and when you leave it for a day outside of the fridge it gets really sparkly. I drink it almost as a juice, which is tricky, cause it has 9%...

  2. Geri, I know that one, too! Here it's called "burčák". Although I actually never tasted it myself. But it's a big thing in Southern Moravia in that time of the year...

    BTW, Ooona, you actually make it sound interesting. Keep them coming.


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