i cannot BELIEVE i haven't been doing a week of birthday posts. i mean, how did a birthday brat like me miss the opportunity to spread said brattiness across the world wide web? i'll tell you how, r's been so busy spoiling me, i haven't had the chance! expect some birthday week wrap up goodness very soon...


  1. Happy birthday! I hope it was fantastic.

  2. :O i'm in your peeps list! wootwoot!
    (i'm excited cuz i've never been on a peeps list! hahahah)

    happy birthday! :D

  3. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you Mrs. Balloona. Hope you have nice cakes in Kalkatroona. I will have a drink on you (yeah! another reason ;))!

    ps. sorry for not managing the sew along... but I think I can do your next birthday.

  4. Happy belated birthday! I missed this post because I was busy learning bobbin lace from my grandma... great fun! I hope you had such, too!


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