what we drank, day three


eg: "this is what happens when you mix cheap wine with good fruit."

oona: "what happens?"

eg: "you throw out the wine and eat the fruit."


  1. Hm, sangria is really not my favourite drink. It is spanish headache weapon. The most awful thing they drink (mostly around 4 am in my experience) is Calimucho. Is 50/50 red wine/coke...

    Today beer/limo is actually my favourite of this summer -

    It is a grapefruit juice with yeast beer(love this one!). It was great!

  2. Oh the calimucho reminds me of a drink my mom used to have when I was a little girl. I used to come home from school and see a glass of what I thought was coca cola on the counter with a couple of ice cubes--snuck a sip--ouch--turned out to be scotch and soda--scotch is not a favorite with me

  3. EWWWWWWWW to the red wine/coke. also eww to the scotch & soda. scotch by itself, however...

    that grapefruit beer looks reaaly interesting. you think they sell it in the states?

  4. hm, no idea actually. it came out this summer, so it is quite new here too. the good thing about it is that it is quite natural - just beer and juice. not the case with some other mixes.
    do you have the dim yeast beer in the states? is the key to this one.
    EWWW to the soda and scotch too...

  5. EWWWWWWWW to the red wine/coke, seconded. I'd never taste that.
    I liked sangria, though.

  6. Ooooh, I LIKE sangria, I do. We had it at my sisters' Morroccan-themed birthday (?) and everyone got blotto, but it was a weird kind of SCREAMING LAUGHTER blotto, I think because of all the sugar.

  7. weird-- i commented on your comments yesterday and they got eaten! i am sure it was blogger's fault, and nothing to do with the gin.

    you would've run screaming from this particular sangria, it was made with boxed refrigerator wine. i'm still shuddering.

  8. I usually make my sangria with the cheapest wine I can find. This usually means a good old Franzia, hehe. I find it tastes better, the worse the wine. Odd.

  9. Well, Mick, now I know we're in good Sangria company. We use good old Franzia too! The more fruit the better!

  10. BTW, the red wine/coke is called "houba" here, i.e. mushroom/sponge (i don't know which of the meanings of the word houba it should be), and I think the name itself pretty perfectly qualifies it as a drink I don't want to taste...

  11. I think I never tasted it too. Can't remember exactly...


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