what we drank, day 7... the final tally:

balloonas cannot exist on alcohol alone! err, yes, i did skip day 6... we had the awesome rombauer zinfandel, this wine is deeply insane, but i failed to get a good picture. probably should take the photo before uncorking. you don't mind the week of drink ending with a chocolate banana shake, do you? i didn't. happy birthday week, mom & dad!


  1. I drank banana shake yesterday, too, but without the chocolate. :-)
    BTW, I have perfect fabric for JJ now, but I promised myself to do something about the jacket-in-works first, so don't expect a JJ very soon.

  2. You're very welcome, Oona. Happy birthday week to you as well. We all had a really good time.

  3. Oona! We never even opened the Lillet let alone made Vespers!

    Next time. ;)


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