what we drank, day two

just a bottle of red and a bottle of white. how mundane.

i think wine is my favorite beverage. the riesling was fruity yet not overly sweet. as for the zinfandel (seven deadly zins):

eg: "sexy."

oona: "like drinking a stick of butter."

big daddy: "a ribald bawdy whore."

i'm not sure there's much more to say than that.


  1. Ok. I decided for your week of drinking to test a beer/limo a day! Yesterdays was called Becks Chilled Orange.
    The conclusion: Hm, it tasted exactly like the orange Haribo bears... Not exactly my thing...

  2. Geri, curious as to the beer/limo--not sure what it is as I haven't heard of it before, it does sound interesting!

  3. hm I haven't heard it before I came to Germany too. But I think they made it so they can drink even more beer without bad conscious in the summer...
    The classic one is half beer and half citron lemonade. You get it everywhere and the name is Radler, which translates as "bicycle rider". Now translating it I am starting to comprehend its origin...

  4. Okay, I want to go out drinking with Big Daddy! He sounds freaking hysterical!

  5. Drinking with me is a dubious enterprise, Sugarmama. I have been known to tell a joke or two in a crowded bar -- usually just prior to being ejected from the establishment.

    Then there are the times when I wake up in the morning behind bars with little or no recollection of the previous 24 hours. Thank goodness my lovely wife, Eileen, keeps bail money handy. I can't stand being locked up past noon. They don't serve alcohol in the slammer.


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