and afterwards, we took a nice little nap

this weekend, ruggy and i became members at the museum of modern art.

i think this means we are grown ups now.

it went something like this. our out-of-town friends wanted to go, and we like it there (you know, the two times we'd been). i'd handed out hard candies (grown up? more like senior citizen) as we stood in the admissions line. when the friendly ticket man asked for our zip code and learned we were, ahem, new yorkers, thankyouverymuch, he quickly embarked on his membership spheel. ruggy smacked on his mango sucker like we were at a county fair discussing the weight of the winning pig, working out a deal where our friends could get their money back and we could buy them fancy five dollar guest passes. we were sold and directed to refund line, which ruggy proceeded to jump--twice--and without flinching. it was like he had a cloud of membership privilege around him, didn't even garner one dirty look. 

being out-of-towners, it was friends' choice for exhibits, and well, we're members now so moma is our daily bitch. they chose "design and the modern kitchen", which was fairly cool-- above is a close up of a solar powered cooker. it was taller and wider than me, although the same could not be said after lunch later that day.

did you know the army was semi-vegan? for the cause? i did not know this.

maybe it was the hard candy, maybe it was the hard plastic card, but i was really drawn to this old timey display. i love the organization of it, and the labels. i wouldn't call it appetizing, but it's appealing.

there was a neat "material lab" in the education building that we didn't make it to, we were tapped out. well, they were tapped out, i was frothing at the mouth, there was wire and foil and stones and thread and you could MAKE STUFF... we're going back. oh yes, it's probably for kids, but these grown ups are members now. we do what we want.



    I've never been to NYC, and would love to be a member of MOMA... I'll have to plan my relocation! xoxo

  2. MOMA, I remember it well from a high school trip--Ruggy sounds like a real native New Yorker--next you could get a membership to the Met (museum not opera house) that place is so huge, love to get lost in it.

  3. the met, you say? i will have the rugster look into it.

    we're happy to take everyone to MOMA on our fancy guest passes. that includes you, veronica!


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