that's ruggy on your left, if you're wondering.

superbowl sunday started with oolong tea and homemade cherry peach scones (both at ruggy's request), complimented by a little classical music (oona quickly nixed that), then onto jazz, capped off by beatles breakfast on KLOS (both parties dancing a jig to the playout of hello/goodbye).

i think ruggy is the only steelers fanatic in the world to begin superbowl sunday this way.

football and sewing all day long! GO STEELERS!!!!!


  1. I think you're probably right about that. It reminds me of the commercial where the guy is enjoying what thins, cream cheese, and red wine for the game. Too funny.

  2. mick, we saw that commercial during pregame and ruggy cracked up.

    big daddy, well, now that they're lost... exactly. WHAT GAME.


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