the night of the day we met

a little late to the valentine party, but here's the story of oona and ruggy:

oona was on a mission. after years of preparation in her earthbound hometown of orange, she had been sent with instructions to entertain the inhabitants of Louis (who apparently was a saint). on her very first day there, on her very first coffee break, she encountered a man, in a green room, peering into a refrigerator, holding a blue gray ceramic cup of tea. he had quite ingeniously fashioned a tiny plate to keep his tea warm.  it was the coolest travel mug oona had ever seen, held by the most beautiful man she had ever laid her very big eyes on. he wore a tweed coat that oddly reminded her of her father's kalkatroonaan dress coat. a faded blue bandana was wrapped around his forehead, more to keep his long blond hair out of his eyes than to keep out the cold. 

unlucky in his frigidaire search, he stood up... and they caught each others' eyes.

oona's earthling coworkers slowed their boisterous chatter as they realized the little kalkatroonan was staring, quite unabashedly, at this man. they turned to study the stranger and realized he was staring, quite unabashedly, right back at her. after a minute or so, someone cleared a throat, and declared into the silence a challenging: "HI." (these earthlings were protective of oona almost immediately, being successfully fooled by her diminutive stature.) "what's YOUR name."

the stranger broke his gaze with some difficulty, and quickly introduced himself in a very pleasing and gentlemanly manner. the green room earthlings were soothed by the hint of his southern accent. oona found she couldn't stop grinning long enough to introduce herself, so her coworkers did it for her. but, there was only time for the two to learn each others' names, as the short coffee break was over for all.

later that day, they searched for each other. oona tied on shoes with wheels (a fascinating and fun invention), and rolled around the sainted town. ruggy stomped about in his tweed coat. although the search was fruitless, oona was strangely content just thinking of the few minutes with ruggy, and she drew happy little doodles to pass the time until the next day, when surely they would meet again.


and indeed, they found each other the very next day, and with a little nudging from the green earthlings, oona walked right up to ruggy. he caught her before she could run away, and he bought her snapple, and stood with his legs wide apart so she could be at eye level with him, and she sang to him, and they listened to marvin gaye, and he stopped her from cutting vegetables with the wrong end of the knife, and she bought him a samurai sword for christmas (cause that's what you do on kalkatroona), and they have been together ever since.


  1. AWAWAWAWAWAWAWAW! I loved reading this! Too cute :o)

  2. That sounds good.
    I'm not sure that's the usual reaction to sweet love stories, but it's very true. It does sound good.

  3. :))))))))))))))))))))))

    and hana, that's a perfect reaction. it IS good.

  4. sweet and flawless!;)I feel like I've just seen a movie:)

  5. thanks magda! and thanks also for your lovely reply back at your blog :)

  6. That's pretty damn romantic, my friend :)


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