but first, i pause before i put an eye out

i absolutely cannot wait to finish this and put it up on ye olde blog. hopefully ye olde camera will be excited as well, it's been very temperamental lately. but as it's 9pm, and my dinner so far has consisted of a glass of red wine*, and i've managed to barely miss losing an eye over a flying leather machine needle head, i'm closing up shop for the night.

*not to be taken into consideration when pondering the flying machine needle. kalkatroonaans are very good at holding their liquor.


  1. FABULOUSNESS is coming. I can feel it.

    I'm headed to NYC Thursday for meetings, back home Friday afternoon. My meetings are at the UN. Where must I eat?? I am a total Broadway dork so also might try to catch a show!

  2. AAAAACK! one night and so much to choose from! i'm emailing you...

    thanks becky! it just sort of took over the dress form :)


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