and she's shorter than me.

i forgot

that tonight

is oscar night!

i meant to watch the red carpet fashion, but i was too busy reading about lady gaga in vogue.

she's crazy. i like her.

she's probably there right now.

she likes to support young unknown designers. maybe ones that didn't know much about her before a twelve dollar subscription to vogue.


one day i'm going. when they ask me what i'm wearing, i'll say:

(lady gaga can wear me too, if she wants. although, she'll probably actually wear me, draped around her neck like a human stole.)


  1. GORGEOUS! When your Oscar moment arrives, and it inevitably will, you will upstage Gaga.

    I love the shape of this dress! You have to tell about its process of creation- or maybe not- the coutourier-moviestar must have some secrets!

    And I'm loving your prolific posing of late! You put me to shame!

  2. What a fun dress and what fun posing!
    I can't say anything on the subject of Lady Gaga. But - yeah, sure, that'd be great.

  3. thanks for the pictorial! I can live without the Oscars but it would have been a pity to miss your post! darn you set new standards!:D congrats to the photographer too!

  4. emilykate: :))! you know, i tried to remember how i made this dress, and i have NO IDEA. i'm gong to continue trying; because either i draped it out of my head or based it on a batwing pattern by a burdastyle member... but i think that's another dress i'm going to post soon. if i can keep up the posting. speaking of which, WHEN ARE YOU POSTING AGAIN. i hate not seeing you at the top of my links!!!

    hana: thanks hana! actually, i couldn't say anything on her before that video i posted of the frat boys doing one of her hits. before then i only knew her name, and had a vague idea of her craziness.

    magdamagda: you are such a confidence booster :) the photographer had a stylist too. she was such a multitasker. too bad she couldn't tell the model to smooth the wrinkles on the dress!

  5. thank you so much for visiting my blog!

    i LOVE your hair and your style and that brick wall behind you bed!
    also, we have the same duvet cover!! :)
    so glad to know about your blog!

  6. hahaha, I love this post, especially the part with lady gaga. you would look gorgeous on her! :D
    that dress is truly inspiring. I love the shape & fabric.
    AND your home looks so comfortable and harmonic. wonderful!

  7. ha, i love ya, vd!

    zephyrsarah: well thank you, the feeling is most mutual! and isn't that duvet great? ikea is the best.

    nette: i crack myself up every time i think of me as a gaga accessory. and it is so nice to "hear" you say my home looks harmonic--it has been SUCH a mess getting it back together!


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