a little peeved. pansies, please.

my boobs are not this big. this was a refashion i did awhiles back. the dress was a tunic; i sliced the waist and added a wide band to accentuate per ruggy-preference. the reasons for showing you this will soon become clear.

okay. so i just spent thirty minutes debating on whether i should buy the burdastyle pattern for this week's sew weekly challenge. it's not really my kind of dress, and i don't know that i'd ever make it again. i looked through my burda mags to find something similar, then my stash patterns (i have the perfect vintage pattern screaming to be made). but in the end, i decided to fork over the $5.40... my decision being twofold:

1. it's more fun to do the challenge by the rules
2. burdastyle got me sewing, so yeah, even though this isn't a dress i'd normally go for, i'll pony up.

add to cart. pay. download. print. view instructions.

"Please note: This dress contains only the pattern for the bodice-- you make the skirt yourself."

so, yeah, thanks mofos, i just spent $5.40 plus my own paper and tape (and i use the good stuff, scotch magic tape dammit) for a bodice pattern? a two piece bodice pattern with FOUR DARTS?!

y'all know i'm a BS groupie. but i gotta be honest... erm, that's some BS. boo on me for not checking first (they tell you on the project view, but not the pattern view). but still. would you pay $5.40 for a top? that in reality IS NOT EVEN A TOP, it's half of a top? picture the above dress ending right below the waistband. only there's no waistband. just a front and back ending above your waist. there you have it. the skirt is two. friggin. RECTANGLES.


(i took a break, by the way. i needed to, don't you think? life is good. a guy from home depot showed up with all the flowers i picked today for our building's spring boxes. i planted in a mad dash to beat the rain. surly new yorkers always get happy when they see me planting on our stoop. they become little kids. they say hi and smile. even in the rain. so the day got better. and speaking of flowers, there are a lot of REALLY cute versions of this half assed very nice pattern. so i guess i'll draw a rectangle, and like it.)


  1. I know....I was shocked that the pattern only included the bodice (plus, like, zero directions). Foof. Though I am super happy you got it because I can't wait to see yours :-)

  2. Grum. I would be equally peeved. Although, I must admit I prefer drafting rectangular pieces right on the fabric to cutting them from pattern (unless they're on the bias of course).

    I have only been to NYC once, but my favourite thing was the greenery---roof gardens, window boxes, all kinds of nifty places. Also I liked how fast people walked. Also I was terrified. That's one crazy city you've got there.

  3. I love bs also, but I'd be a bit peeved by that too. "Details" like that should be easy to spot. That being said, I do love the blouse! :)

  4. I had a similar BS experience using BS. Downloaded a hoodie pattern which was one piece, the hood. The body was sold separately.

    Cool refashion!

  5. The blanket $5.00+ for all patterns is pretty BS I agree. There should be some variation in price if the pattern is more basic or you have to "draft" part of it yourself. I particularly enjoyed this example of a wrap skirt: http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns/burda-style-magazine-42010-wrap-skirt it was listed as $5.40 but now I see it is free...that's a better price for a rectangle I think.

  6. I go the free BS. It's all bloody rectangles and darts anyways.

  7. ☂ debi, you know i love yours, so now the pressure is on! i think i'll be using some scotch as a prop.

    ☂ tanit-isis: yes, me too! but paying 5 bucks for this dinky little bit of pattern was not fun. it should've been like a buck. if you ever get back to our crazy city, i'll whisk you around it!

    ☂ ashley: YEP.

    ☂ big in japan: seriously? i mean, seriously?

    ☂ curiouskiwi: yes, that was a laugher! did i see that thru you? i'm glad they took the price tag off.

    ☂ don: to the point perfectly, as always.

  8. Well, I'm sorry this happened to you but thanks for posting. I'll pattern download with care.

  9. Ugh I had the same problem with that very same cheeky little 'pattern'! I'd also suggest fitting it, because the pattern (for me anyway) expected me to have football shoulders and boobs around my knees. I'm a slim-shouldered spring chicken dammit! But despite all of my bitching it's a pretty fun pattern to alter and a good 'base'. Yay for dresses!

  10. ♺ meg: yes, check them out first! but there are a lot of really great patterns at BS, especially the older ones have full, detailed instructions & you know, pattern pieces.

    ♺ reana louise: i KNOW! where are these women with coat hanger shoulders? i'm having crazy fitting problems with it too. i agree it's gonna be a good base though. if i could just finish it.


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