cat astrophe

*not either of our two costly cats.

new sofa: $700.

seven gallons of nature's miracle: $200.

trip to the vet: $700.

trying on the high waisted linen pants you fukakte'd out of a pajama pattern and having them fit perfectly:


but still, nice.


  1. Yikes! Good new on the pants, though. ;)

  2. Yay Pants! Boo...everything else. I am sending mental hugs because I cannot send you a couch. The Post Office is so picky these days.

  3. Oh, dear. Do I want to know what happened? Perhaps not.

    The pants are good, though. The pants are good.

    (now I must go and look up "fukakte")

  4. UGH. Been there. New rug, two gallons of enzymes.

  5. I don't really get what happened, if that's a real bill oopsie oopsie:| cat looks convincing - he's innocent! a good peak into cat's pisicology (pisica= cat in Romanian)


  6. "the post office is so picky these days".


    thanks for the thoughts, m'ladies. cats are asleep & pants are tomorrow!

  7. Oh, no. That sucks about your couch but a $700 vet bill sounds serious, is kitteh okay?

    Edie throws up hairballs all over our house, just about every day. Luckily we usually find it when we come home from work, and by that time its dry and peels right off the wood floors.

    The only time I've had to deal with wee was when I stupidly forgot to give Edie litter and she used the box anyway and I went to tip it out and dropped it on the way out of the house! Had not heard of this nature's miracle you speak of? Does it get kitty wee smell out? I heard you can use vinegar to denature proteins in the wee so it won't smell so that's what I did but then... you're left with stuff stinking of vinegar for ages!

    This week, one of my coworkers told me about this product she got off ebay, which she is training her cat to use:


    I said after her cat is educated I will buy it off her for Edie.

  8. ---> emilykate, i can totally see that in my head, and it is FUNNEH!!! kittehs are fine so far, just a little medicine and a lotta vet bill. if only they would learn to talk; we wouldn't have had to pay for every cat lab test known to man...

    i seriously considered toilet training on day two of soaking the couch... then i imagined our blind cat falling into the toilet. which would be funny, but not fun.

    nature's miracle does work, but i went ballistic and did NM, then vinegar soak, then baking soda, (that totally takes the vinegar smell away) then more NM. i'm surprised the couch didn't evaporate.


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