dearest diary,

OMG!!! today was the BEST DAY EVER!!!!! i totally fixed my pretty spring dress ✿! you should have seen beangirl's face when i walked into concert choir! last week she laughed SO HARD in home ec when i messed up cutting it out-- well, laugh's on her, because....

i know!!! she'd gonna HURL when she finds out! i mean, i'm SO not into tyler, everybody knows i'm going steady with ♥ ruggy ♥.

but i'm gonna let her sweat it out until colorguard practice this weekend. she DESERVES it, diary!

☆, oona.

ps: she brought a ❝picture❞ of her tunic in today. whatever, diary. my dress is a vintage pattern, mccall's 5490, it has an invisible zip and facing and handsewn blind hems and everything. i bet she bought that tunic at delia's! HA!


  1. You suck.


    I'm so not inviting you to my party next week.

    Also, I'm totally over Tyler. He's a man-slut. You can have him. Hmmmph.

    Totally over.

    (Also also, that is not my tunic. That is actually Someone Else's Saturday Tea Party Dress. The Diva Who Shall Not Be Named -cough TLo cough- hasn't tried it on yet. The tunic is lying under the sewing table in a pathetic, neglected puddle of misery.)

    word verification: "repsylin" I'm pretty sure this is the medication you have to take after "dating" Tyler the Man-slut. Just sayin'.

  2. oh yeah, nice dress.

    You still suck.

    (OK, seriously, word verification: "dogiana"... I mean, there's just too many... it's so... ack... brain melt....)

  3. Oonaballoona you are too adorable and funny!
    I LOVE how the dress turned out. And, as usual your hair is too awesome.

  4. Oh i also think you'd enjoy this:
    My sister did it for the company she works at's joke.
    A few people purchased!

  5. OMG you two...

    I'm at a loss for words. Blogland hasn't been this much fun since the last time Elaine and Peter had it out...

  6. Too funny! This really cracked me up. Oh yea, and the dress is cute, too.

  7. hehe I hope I'm not intruding.. Love the pics, couldn't resist the invitation from Burdastyle to see your tongue sticking out!

  8. ☼ beangirl: sore loser, wah waaaah. okay then, tyler can carry my books everywhere with his big man-slut muscles. you'll be sorry!

    (oh, and the tea party dress is adorable. i hope she's getting white gloves to go with it. i choked over dogiana.)

    ☼ emilykate: i LOVE. that site. i belong to two of those coupon sites and the descriptions make me wanna throw the computer out the window. your sis spoofed it perfectly!

    ☼ tanit-isis: well, it's all your fault for introducing us, you know :)

    ☼ katja & magda: thank you! i thought a little april fools humor would be fun. i always miss it, and i'm not above it like some people (coughbeangirlcough)

  9. I have this pattern and haven't made it because it calls for a knit. How I loathe knit hanging around the butt region.

    How did you adjust the pattern to get away with a not-knit? Is that what you were trying to do when it ended up so big?

    This dress is freaking adorable on you!

  10. juliet, i'm so glad you like it! you know, this pattern was already 2 inches too small for me, so i "sized it up" by pulling the pattern several inches away from the center fold of fabric. a complete jackass move.

    but, there's an awesome tutorial by elainemay (selfish seamstress) on burdastyle about how to grade up or down a couple sizes, AND, because of the intended gathering at center back and front, i think the dreaded butt cling would be avoided. i installed a zipper in the side seam too. good luck, & go for it!

  11. I just finished mine...well, to the point of trying it on. It makes me look pregnant. Displeased.

  12. nnooooOOOooooo! did you use knit or not-knit? maybe try wrapping the tie belt around the back, but then tie it in the front to cinch the dress.

  13. I used knit. I just should know better than to try something that ties above the waist. It's just so cute on you I wanted to be cute too! :)


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