IAAT is the battle cry

i was pretty friggin excited to read that beangirl had created a blog award. i made myself labor through her boring answers to her own questions instead of skipping right to the end to see if i'd won. true to form, she made me sweat and put me last.

this award is totally self serving. see for yourself, she readily admits it:

"These things have to start somewhere, right?  Why not me?  And I mean, I figure I can operate under the time-honored tradition of believing that what is highly annoying in others is totally fabulous in oneself.  Ergo, another meme with which to blatantly promote oneself whilst simultaneously irritating the crap out of everyone else.  Awesomeness."

mucho awesomeness. beangirl, i heartily accept. ask away. be warned that as promised, my answers are gonna kick your answers' ass.

1. what size shoe do you wear? if you wear a size 7, can i borrow your shoes?

i wear an 8. that's right, i'm barely five foot three, and i wear an 8. WIDE. here's an example of a pair that your tiny weird feet will never borrow from my ample metatarsals. go scrounge in someone else's closet.

2. 30's or 60's? 

hippie all the way. 30s would probably be a difficult decade for me, considering the penchant for chapeaus. it's hard to get this much hair under a hat. oh yeah, and the segregation. that could prove tricky.

wow. just did a little research on interracial marriage and miscegenation laws. a washington, dc judge sent a couple to prison in 1959, stating in his verdict: "Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay, and red, and he placed them on separate continents. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix". see for yourself. it was overturned mid-60s. according to wikipedia, that font of reliable information, miscegenation laws stayed on the books in some states till 2000, good old alabama being the last to go by a statewide vote of only 60% thumbs down on the law. i knew those laws hung their sickly, decrepit heads around for awhile, but not for that long.

you definitely can't borrow these. please, you would break your neck.

3. have you ever kissed someone you shouldn't have? 

no. i know some people answered yes, but i'm not a slut. however, my senior year in high school, i caught my boyfriend kissing someone HE shouldn't have. at a drama club party. in my bedroom, where we were keeping the coats. they tried to hide in the closet. so actually, yeah, i never should have kissed that jackass in the first place.

you could borrow these vintage beauties, they're a little small. in fact they'd rock with that tunic you keep mentioning. but you're never going to finish that, so no boots for you.

4. have you ever been poisoned? was it by the girlfriend of the person you kissed? that is awesomely "knot's landing." 

YES. just about a year ago, i was at a party with my coworkers. we had the upstairs bar to ourselves, but the restaurant below was quite shady. like one of those stephen king lowmen areas that just feel funny. upstairs was happy, lots of dancing going on, and people leaving drinks on tables. i had one mojito, and suddenly when it was time to leave i couldn't walk straight. i had the good sense to attach myself to five of my extremely drunk male coworkers, who walked me home on their way to the next bar. i blacked out on the bathroom floor and when i opened the door it was 2 in the afternoon. ruggy was out of town, and when i told him i couldn't believe one drink did that to me, (i've never had so much as a bad hangover, as i've said before, kalkatroonans do hold their liquor), he told me he was pretty certain someone put something in my drink. then made me promise to never go to a party without him again. i freaked the hell out. i was ready to pack it up and move to ohio the next day, but i hear this is not specific to the city of new york. 

more of an NBC public service announcement than knot's landing. peeps! never leave your drink unattended, and always order something clear. (but above all, always order something. chardonnay works nicely.)

5. who's on your "celebrity free pass" list (top 5)? 

are you ready for me to rock your world? tommy lee jones. ed harris. dave matthews. ray lamontagne. peter frigging gabriel. YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT.

stop drooling.

alrighty, here are my I Am What I Am And What I Am Is All That Picks. sassy, outspoken peeps who i enjoy the hell out of. i could've easily made this list a lot longer. i truly despise the awarding part, so thanks, beangirl! this was awesome!

emilykate: emily kate, beth: modern jax, reana louise: curves pattens and pins, katja: of dreams and seams, laurwyn: quirky pretty cute, lisette: what would nancy drew wear, and meg, of meg the grand, who actually awarded me a stylish blogger award, because as i have stated before i am so very awesome. and bratty. bratty enough to take the award, but not so awesome that i can think of seven more facts.

(but i can think of more blogs. want more sassiness? debi. jorth. don. tanit-isis. patty. oh go have a look at my links list, godsakes.)


  1. Oona -- I love reading your blog. Its so entertaining and outside my "norm". I've always lived in the south (SW China, Texas, So. Cal.), and have good friends from the NE, and I see much of them in you! I love it. Each post takes me outside my own little world, into another, and that is what friends are for, even blogger-friends.


  2. I love the answers to your questions. Except the part where you were poisoned. That's not nice. But all the other ones were very informative and sweet. Except for the judge, who is a jerk.

    Maybe I'll start an award. I wonder if it would catch.

  3. ha! you and your big honkin' feet can--- er, nevermind. I am ladylike. And all that shit.

    excellent answers. Sorry, "AWESOME" answers. But mine are, of necessity, better. Plus, my feet are smaller. Thhppbt. (Actually, my feet are pretty flippin' huge these days... I went from a size 5.5 to a size 7... stupid rotten children, making me be all pregnant and whatever just to get born. They DESTROYED MY SHOE COLLECTION. Or rather, my ability to wear my shoe collection. The actual shoes were relatively unharmed.)

    word verification: "prorowt"... that's when the Good Guys triump over the Bad Guys... A Pro-Rowt.

    Super-sucky on the poisoning, also.

  4. Hmm, I think I was that girl at the high-school drama party. Sounds like about the same situation, anyway. Except that she forgave him and I think they're married now.

    Those are some pretty freakin' sweet shoes you're showing off there. I am jealous. Especially those purple boots. I often wear an 8 in boots.

    That drink story is FREAKY. Yoiks. So glad you were okay after. So are the miscegenation laws. Yicky! I can't believe they hung on so long---though presumably they weren't being enforced. (?)

  5. Oooooh, how FUN! Thankyou!! You have some kickarse kicks. I DIG your meme, Beangirl!
    Sadly you're right, drink-spiking is everywhere, here in Melbourne too, I'm so glad you got home safe!
    Did you read about Loving vs Virginia in your research? This doco is all about the couple getting the miscegenation laws declared unconstitutional across all states. Only 40 years ago! Crazy.

  6. Wow. Everything. Shoes. I'm becoming a shoe lover, and getting more of them than I used to (thrift stores are an amazing source). I never thought I would do such a girly thing, but I do now.
    Does the last part mean I can be awarded, too, if I want to? I'm still not sure I want to, but I want to be sure anyway.

    Misgenation laws and the judge, bleeeh. I wonder whether he had read the Song of Songs?

  7. What no Prince on the list?? The purple boots reminded me of the talented one.

    Oona, on a very serious note, the poisoning thing is freaking me out.

  8. >>> rachael: your note made me so happy. really brightened my day. and as for reading blogs, you've put it perfectly. you are most welcome !! ps: is SW china like the south?

    >>> meg: i think beangirl would advise it. i highly recommend it myself, though a few of those questions brought up not so fond memories...

    >>> beangirl: wow. up 1 1/2 sizes??? i am adding that to the list of cons for children. why do you people have children, again?

    >>> tanit-isis: i KNEW i recognized you. you were the one in the cargo pants.

    >>> emilykate: yes, the loving couple (apropo) was what got me started. but i'd love to see a doc on it. i can't wait to see your answers!

    >>> hana: YES. award & answer away! spread the beangirl hype-- i mean, love.

    >>> e: ah prince. we finally finished under the cherry moon the other day, and well, he's got an awful lot of eyeliner going on there. as for the poisoning thing, do not worry. it has not made me fearful of drinking. KIDDING. seriously, i'm very careful. and who wants to go to a party without ruggy anyway? not me.

  9. Hey that's me! You think I'm sassy hehehe I've got you totally fooled...

    Don't worry about the feet thing, mine are even bigger! Eep... But you'll be finding out soon!

    RL x

  10. Some bloody funny answers (and questions too, come to think of it) Now if you had poisoned the boy you shouldn't have kissed and sent him back to the 30's wearing your high heels you could have killed three questions in one go.

    I do enjoy visiting here.

    Love your shoe collection. A man can say that can't he?

  11. ● don: a man can say anything he wants. especially when that man makes clothing for his woman.

    (ruggy has to watch what he says.)

  12. OMG thank you so much! This is BY FAR the best Award I've gotten!!! Since I just posted a (lame) award post, I will wait just a little bit until I get around to this one, I feel like I have to earn this with something other than other (lame) award posts...


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