i get it. everybody's too busy to play along on pay it forward. but guess what you get if you do? BOOTY!

check it! i got a purse, fancy chocolate, an embroidered mirror, the cutest tin ever, and a lovely handwritten note from the equally lovely nette!

come on. can you stand it? HOW ADORABLE IS THIS FREAKING TAG??? don't hate, non-players. 

i want the children in this little note to skip on over and do my chores for me. they look like they'd be happy to oblige.

okay. here's the deal. i only have TWO peeps to send a booty box to. i need THREE MORE to pay my karmic debt. you want in? you have to work for it. put a post up on your blog promising to send out five handmade goodies to five peeps. it could be a doily for a dollhouse, no need to get a second mortgage. if you're terrified by the number, i guess you could slack and make it three peeps, i've seen it done. (slacker.) 

who knows what you'll get, o fearless crafter, should you choose to partake. i have ever changing moods, and an endless supply of white wine.

the first three peeps to comment on this post that they're in get the remaining three boxes. now, don't get all confused if there are comments already, the original post had eleven comments and one taker (and a very funny story, if i do say so myself. and i do.)


  1. I guess I was confused the first time around - I thought I was in just by commenting...my bad! I'd love to play along:)

  2. Ooh I'll be in! I have been wanting to play along for a while but kept seeing the posts on other peoples blogs too late. So definitely count me in!

  3. I agree. That is one hilariously funny story. I wish I had seen it in person, I would nno doubt tell everyone I know (this totally would have beat the conversation I overheard on the F train between a woman and her friend who were assiduously discussing the "schmutz in my uterus" that her doctor had found.... schmutz. Seriously. I have never looked at gyn. exams the same way again).

    However, I am totally going to slack on the challenge. I do not have time to make things, especially for someone who's not, you know, me.

    Very excellent karma on your part, however.

  4. If I could teleport, I would totally take you up on it. Sadly, I'm a major post bum. I don't know what it is, but something about making that trip to the post office is just too easy to put off until I wake up one morning and realize it's been two years and it's still not mailed.

  5. Booty indeed.
    I'm happy, because I've just come up with something pretty to send to my takers. I had some ideas, but on Tuesday the perfect thing materialised before me... sort of. The material did. :-)

  6. Yes, yes, yes, me wants! To take part, I mean. I've got some lovely ideas. And I love getting mail! :)

  7. ● jacqueline!
    ● kat!
    ● alessa!
    you are IN! (j, i'm so sorry i missed you the first time!) i'll be contacting you soon about addresses...

    ● beangirl &
    ● tanit-isis:
    well, that's to be expected. (the slackerness, not the schmutz in the uterus (really?) and the lack of teleportation skillz.)

    ● hana: i can't wait to see what you've sent to your peeps. inspiration struck me today too :)

  8. Yay! :) Now what to send...

    (PS: word verification "medness"... someone can't spell, obviously...)


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