for the next seven days, tilly and all of her glorious buttons are hosting a one week, one pattern challenge (please to see the shiny new space in the sidebar just added for this kind of buttonable soiree) and i'm all in.  even when i woke up this morning and realized one of my makes won't zip up in the back.

i don't know why that could be.

i'll be using pattern runway's gathered sundress pattern, much more on that later this week, but for now it's a quick post, details be damned!  tilly explains it all!  i have things to drink do!

karen was up bright and shiny (at least on my side of the world) with an action shot.  how, i steamed, does she get these shots?  where does she find the WACKINESS?  it appears on every street corner!

well lookee here.

i give you studio city P.O.T.

we weren't out for that type of drug, but i did wear today's OWOP to the strip mall that housed that creature.  

yes, i know, i haz confused the issue on the very first day.   it's not a dress.   please reference:  morning non-fitting issue.  i used the skirt portion of this amazing pattern back in NY when i had my ellie.  matter of fact, i serged this silky stretch up the night before we left for LA, dreaming of warmer climes (and still holding a fierce jealousy for reana louise's silky fuschia maxi).

i took this shot to show you: no center back seam!  Mount Crackatoa defeated!  it would appear i was delusional.

it might be time to invest in an undergarment that is not a thong.

see the preeeeety colors?!  i love this skirt!  the little gathers are a wonderful detail of this pattern, and you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more about them this week.

but for now it's time to enjoy the drug we did choose to come home with.  oh rittenhouse rye, oh carpano antica formula vermouth (seriously, this shit is AMAZING), i hear you calling.  or is that ruggy?  it's all win at this point.


update: in my rush to crack those beauties open, i forgot outfit notes.  i've never done them and i think this challenge needs it...  AND FURTHER UPDATE!  it needz drink notes!  share the wealth, i say!

skirt: pr's gathered sundress bottom portion, lengthened, in some sort of jersey stretchy shiny spandex
top: hacked up amercan apparel tee dress (i shiver at the thought)
cardigan: anthropolgie (on sale, whaddaya take me for)
belt: salvation army
shoes: beat to hell aerosoles wedges
wee rose earrings: thrifted

the manhattan (we don't need no stinkin' p.o.t.)
rittenhouse rye (spicy and wonderful), 2 oz
carpano antica vermouth (delicious even on its own), 1oz
angostura bitters,  2 dashes
stir over ice, at least thirty seconds.  do not shake.  I SAID DO NOT SHAKE.
pour, and add a cherry or two.


  1. I love the skirt!! I like how the gathers are on the sides, not right on top of the belly.
    I'm a fellow LA peep, and it always cracks me up when visitors see all the legal pot stores!

    1. ha! yeah, i'd seen them before, but this one really had style.

  2. Why does Karen have to lap us all all the time? She's the worst. And by that I mean the best. This is lovely, love the skirt, and legalize it! Both the skirt and pot.

    Rittenhouse Rye comes from Pennsylvania! The name comes from Rittenhouse Square, here in Philadelphia. Boom, baby, drink my hometown in.


  3. Ooh I miss Rittenhouse Square. I might have to try that stuff. I wonder if it takes like home.
    Oh dear the attack of the booty. Oona, you should try your talents on undies.

    1. if home is spicy toasty freaking GOODNESS, then yes, you ought to grab a bottle.

      dammit trice I DON'T WANNA MAKE UNDIES. that sounds like hell!

    2. Or not. lol
      I think you would kill some undies, but I'll be good and not suggest it as an Oona does it.

      I will make a note to try some of that hometown goodness

  4. Oh, lookee you! I am going to be gritting my teeth this whole week wishing I'd signed up, sigh.

    Also, er, yes, thongs + full skirt... Erm. Been there. ;)

  5. It's like Spring! All in one outfit!

  6. this skirt is a beauty.. and i wanna steal your cardigan.. and i wanna drink that, whatever it's called and vermouth too

    1. when we meet at the purgatory pit, i'm definitely having ruggy mix you one of these.

  7. so glad mpunt cracka is defeated! Although it made me laugh and laugh. Love the new version too. Hope you saturday went down well.

  8. Beautifull skirt, gathers, stripes... all the outfit!!! Included the drinks!
    I´m also doing the challenge, what a exciting week!!!

  9. whoa that stripey skirt is beautiful!! and styled so beautifully.

    1. thank you! it's one of those skirts that feels nice to walk in. all swishy. mayhaps i should add outifit notes?

  10. I love that skirt! Colors of divine-ness.

    Not that you asked, but if you do wanna make panties it's pretty easy. I used a pair I already own for the pattern, googled panty making to get the scoop on Youtube, found fold over elastic at the fabric store in Chinatown (25 cents/yard) and used and old tee as fabric. Maybe with enough rye in you, this will seem like a good idea?

    1. eep. that'd be a LOT of rye.

      hmm, maybe that's not such a bad idea after all...

  11. poor me a drink and lets party ! great outfit for sunny days... Love bright colours!!!!

  12. I feel your pain re the skirt eating! I have a similar rear!
    All pants seem to end up as thongs anyway, so I tend to stick with ones that are actually meant to be that way, although the ones with lots of ruffles round the top tend to prevent skirt munching a little...
    Celebrate the bootiliciousness (with another round of drinks!) ;)

    1. eeeeeg- ZACTLY. why bother when it all ends up thongified?

      i never thought about ruffles as a means of assistance... but don't they add fluff too?

  13. You and your fabulousness and your stripes and your maxiness and the awesomeness of that cocktail is almost too much to bear!!! Love it all!

  14. And now I have fierce jealousy of your beautiful stripey creation! Man there are too many wonderful challenges going on, and this is definitely one of them! You, as always, diviiiiiiiine! xx

  15. I'm in love with that fabric! Gorgeous stripes!
    I'm also in love with that blue wall/house front. So pretty! :)


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