on project runway, the finalists:

it is late.  oona and ruggy lie in bed, fighting felines for footspace.  with a roll of her eyes, oona presents ruggy with a recap of the latest project runway, via beau baby (her favorite way to "watch" this season).  they share a grimace.

oona:  i could totally make something better than all of those contestants.

ruggy:  but then you'd have to sell your soul.

oona:  yeeeaaah.

ruggy:  don't sell your soul to anyone but me.

oona:  i would sell my soul to you.

ruggy:  noooo.

oona:  i would sell my soul to you for twenty five cents.

ruggy:  noooooooooo you can't sell your soul to me you can't sell your soul to anyone you have to hold onto your soul--

oona:  but you could hold onto my soul.

ruggy:  i already have your heart.  you have to keep your soul.

grinning like a fool, oona turns the tablet off.  best episode of project runway ever.


  1. Tracy Chapman said it:

    Don't be tempted by the shiny apple
    Don't you eat of the bitter fruit
    Hunger only for a taste of justice
    Hunger only for a world of truth
    'Cause all that you have is your soul.


  2. Aww - I was talking about you today so if your ears were ringing - I'm the one who caused it. I was asked to describe you and I said, "She is special, like a firefly that I want to catch and put in a bottle and take you home. I said that your energy is pure and fun!" Your honey is the man! XOXO

  3. awwww thats sweet ta' def!...;)

  4. Daawwww. Also, felines always win the footspace fight. Best to just give in in the beginning.

  5. Awwwwww... :D I love happy couples! What a guy!

  6. That is *so* sweet! My hubby actually watched this weeks episode with me and gave his opinion on the designs! (lol). I am still shocked that Richard did NOT know how to sew a french seam last week :O

  7. love that you're "watching" PR thru me this season...also, you two are sweet as syrup.

  8. 1. So sweet.
    2. Thanks for the nice note on my blog.
    3. OMG I just saw you on Nurse Jackie!!

  9. That was sweet. And thanks for the link... that's about as much as I'm going to get of PR, and I think it's just enough. :D

  10. If I thought PR was a fair fight, I think you could take them all down. Unfortunately I think the dice is loaded, so you should just keep winning the internet, and killing it on Nurse Jackie!

  11. I hope you'll march yourself over to PR and show them what you can do. :)

  12. Ruggy sounds so dreamy and sweet and wonderful. Happy for you too. And I did a little dance of joy when that spoiled little entitled monster Illana got voted off. The. Worst.

    But I think its possible to do PR and not sell your soul. Or maybe I'm just telling myself that because seeing you on it would be EVERYTHING.

  13. Replies
    1. Even though I don't "know" Ruggy. I FEEL LIKE I DO.

  14. Aww, that is just the cutest story!

    (As a side note, I "watch" PR through Beau Baby, too! Ha!)

  15. I knew you were an actor but I missed the Nurse Jackie announcement, so I was thoroughly tickled to see you just now when watching one of my fav. shows!

  16. And that's the story of, that's the glory of...love.



  17. Sugary!!! And a good reminder to be sweet with one another.

  18. Whenever I watch PR Will says, I am so glad your not on this show! He knows I would be crying...

  19. you & ruggy go together like strawberries 'n cream!


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