once i made a couch.

and called it a dress. if only computer screens had scratch n' sniff technology built in. well, not that this dress has an odor of any sort... but i wish you could feel the weight of this material. bad analogy, but you know what i mean. this fabric, in my opinion, was not meant for a dress. at least not a summer dress. and i'm not the type who likes to wear shirts under summer dresses so as to carry them into the next season. especially not when the dress looks like a couch in the first place. this burdastyle pattern (sabrina) was destined for a pregnant friend to flounce around town in after miraculously having brought a rather large baby into the world and showing no sign of ever having been pregnant. of course, after donning these 10 pounds of flowers, i'm pretty sure she would feel as if she were preggers again (and i've got the feeling she can do without that for awhile). so, its destiny has changed. it is now up at the brand new flickr swap group i created this holiday weekend! perhaps it will be stunning on someone else. perhaps someone who can pull off the "yes i know it's fall but doesn't this frock look fab with my turtle neck?" or maybe some adventurous sewist will make a loveseat out of it. are you that gal? head on over to flickr & request to join in the fun! (not that i've gone all LA snob on you, just keeping the flakes away.)


  1. It's a shame the fabric is heavy, because the dress is super cute! I love the little touch of turquoise on the pockets. I hope it finds a loving home.

  2. Heehee... it is really cool fabric, so it's too bad the weight is off! But yeah, that would be so great if there was such a thing as virtual texture...feely...things. Would make online fabric shopping so much fun! I would just sit there all day and pet the silk velvet!

  3. I think it's gorgeous! And if it's heavy - maybe it would be nice for fall with a handknit chocolate shrug or something! I wish I had skills so I could join your swap, but sadly I am lacking! Great idea though!

    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog - I felt the hug across the blogosphere! Thanks!


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