willy wonka is a BWOF magazine.

on a bright sunny day on the first of july, i skipped down to my local newsstand (located, conveniently, 2 blocks from my house), one of the few newsstands i've come across that actually carries burda world of fashion magazine (again, convenient-- that or someone knows there are a few chicks living in the west hollywood area that would dig it.) anyway, skipping. which was odd because after my purchase, i was on my way to the pet hospital to visit the ever-sick cat. but i was allowed skipping pre-visit. i felt like charlie and the chocolate factory. i was going to buy the golden ticket. treasures awaited.

then the man told me it wouldn't be in for another three months. insert crestfallen oona here, trudging head hung to the pet hospital, magazine-less and in for three hours of various wailing animals.

but he LIED! it finally arrived mid month. i'm sure they were quite tired of me by then, pawing daily at the old june issue. what's that you say? i could've tried the june issue? feh. not for 10 bucks an issue. popping the proverbial burda cherry needed to be special. (i'm that way.)

and it WAS! i love this magazine! i spent my one day off this week making my first pattern from it. and i'm glad i waited this long to try it-- i needed to make many other patterns before this, because THIS magazine assumes you know something. it is streamlined. it is concise. it is not wasteful with words or excess pattern paper. it is german, after all. (they do give one sewing course per magazine, with drawings, i can only assume for silly americans.)

the material for this top was destined for someone else, but er, uh, it ended up for ME. my birthday is coming and so the brattiness has begun. my folks and i are taking over the surrounding vicinity for a week in august, as we all have birthdays in that merry month, and i plan on having many new things to wear. look out burda WOF, i'm not a virgin anymore-- you will be used and abused.

thaaaaaaaaat's right BWOF. you know you like it.


  1. I love it! So cute. You show tat burda WOF who's boss.

  2. This is hot, lady! Where did you pick up that fabric? And I love that you managed to get the entire thing done in a day, instant gratification!

  3. thanks m & m!

    i think i got the fabric at joann's. i am a sucker for their clearance racks.

  4. Ooooh! Burdaballoona excellence!

    So cute. And I can just feel your sense of determination and accomplishment (fingers snapping in rhythm to swaying hand gestures over here...you (snap to the right) go (snap to the left) girl(snap down low).

    Aaaaaand, I've noticed a photo change over in Burda-land. I'm not sure how I feel about that, loving the old one so. But I will try to be open to helipad-dancing change.

    In other news, the first Preggers Azalea is up. Hem line a success after much trial and error. Gifting today and very excited.

    Something is wrong with the site because it's showing under 'just uploaded' but not under 'all creations'. And it's also under 'creations with patterns'.

    Check 'er out!

  5. Beautiful top and that Cate dress was gorgeous.

  6. you're right I do like it, love it even. well done!

  7. It's lovely. Congratulations!
    I'm exploring the possibilities of my sewing machine now... I've just discovered a gathering foot. I think that calls for a JJ sooner or later.

  8. this is so, so, so cute! you know, i've got the 4 latest issues of BWOF sitting here collecting dust. in all honesty, i've been too lazy to trace out the patterns from them. (yes, i'm one of those lazy sewers who always cuts out patterns in my size rather than tracing and preserving them). i seriously need to crack open those mags and get busy!

  9. hana... i expect to see a jj this week, yes???

    you know what maya, i think i'm actually enjoying the tracing! i like the compact-ness of having all the possibilities on one page. also, i am OCD, so there's that.

  10. Oh that is pretty! But wait, no birthday post??? You must be celebrating with a gin martini!

  11. Sorry, no JJ, bobbin lace instead:-) And still no post, because it's not finished yet... I cannot promise anything, I have too many other things to do! Like finally finishing that patchwork pillow. And making my sister's birthday cake She has birthday on Monday, but the celebration will be tomorrow. And I promised her to make her one.

  12. This top is so cute! and fabric looks great!


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