hey look we made progress!!!

oh HAI ! remember my big promise to show y'all what we were up to with our mad decorating skillz? well just LOOK!

no, wait, you haven't seen the west wall, really and truly, it's the focal point of the room, oh well see for yourself!!!

yeah baby, it's all comin' together now! just look at that little patch of acid washed clean-as-a-whistle brick. bee-YOO-tiful.

so. a bit of a setback. the water damage has grown from a problem outside-the-building/in-one-of-our-walls to a problem within ALL of our walls. oooh, and floors. get a load of this here pretty li'l thing:

(actual image to left. oona-slightly-fainting-while-taking-account-of-size-of-damage image to right.)

THAT is our bedroom floor, gutted through to a big old pipe attached, as i understand it, to the building's boiler. or possibly sewage waste pipe? YAY!

we have some very handy men working on the situation (they always ask me how i'm feeling, they are seriously so nice), and with each accumulating issue, they still promise they'll be done in two weeks. i love them for it-- and i'm still happy as hell to be home and not in some stranger's house-- but wasn't two weeks the estimate in the money pit?


  1. GO GO GO! That wall looks delish! So promising!

    You make me laugh!


  2. Ooooooh! I loooove exposed-brick walls. So jealous.
    Your second photo of the floor-hole makes it look like a vortex/portal into another dimension.

  3. teehee!

    (and vortex is exactly how i felt...)

  4. bricks look amazing... keep it going!!! (dying to see it finished!) :)

    ñ_ñ good night!

  5. cara, you and me BOTH. they are working away right this moment....


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