luckily, i covered the machine.

so, yeah, i had a little unexpected trip to the hospital. well, it was expected, just not expected to be, shall we say, as in depth as it turned out to be. bit of a shock. luckily i got the sewing machine cover done before all hell broke loose. i mean, thank god.

at the moment, i'm relaxing in bed, about the one thing an oona hates most in the world (there are so many things to DO! clean! sew! organize! RE-ORGANIZE!).

actually, i was too in-shock & out-of it to be bored for the first few days. now i'm antsy and wanting very much to boogie. (don't worry, parental balloonas. i won't shimmy anytime soon.)

(oona reclines in her room at the hospital, suspiciously considering the latest offering of sustenance before her. suddenly, a knock at the door.)

big daddy: is there a balloona here?

eg: we brought you balloons!

big daddy: yes, but we couldn't find anything good to weigh them down, so we used a bottle of champagne.

(r enters, and looks to the bottle hopefully.)

r: how soon can she drink that?

(oona grins mischievously. the beige mass of pasta and meat balls have lost all luster.)

they know me pretty well. like balloona, like balloona.

wow. get me. links and scenes and everything. i must have more energy than i thought. for the past few days, all i could do was point & click-- in fact, i've spent MANY hours enjoying everyone's blogs and finding new ones through your favorites...so a very big thank you blogger peeps, you've helped keep me entertained and sane. we will raise many glasses when we pop that champagne open, and one will be to y'all.


  1. Um, are you okay? Bed rest and hospital time sounds pretty serious. I hope you're feeling like your old self in no time!

  2. yes, just tired now! just something easy-peasy that became a lot more involved, but i'll be better than ever soon. thanks mick :)

  3. EEEK! Get better soon. My prescription: lots of champagne, chocolate, and bad TV!

  4. hope everything is okay and that you have a quick recovery :)

  5. Argh! Hospital you poor thing! Well I'm glad to hear you're on the mend and the shock is over!
    I hope you're recovered, pepped up and popping that bottle asap ... Sante! :o)

  6. hope you spend this time with your loved ones and stop thinking about all that you have to do... you don´t have to do anything but to relax... and blog... ok? :)

    get better soon!!!!! :)

    and thanks for coming to my giveaway!!! :) btw... I looove your etsy store... :) you are so talented!!! :)

  7. beth: chocolate chip cookie, check. alcohol & boobtube to come.

    sara & emilykate, thank you :) i'm actually feeling much better today, so YAY.

    cara carmina: thank you for your wishes, i have been thinking this is the perfect reason to get back on my blog... and i am SO flattered you like my work!

  8. Wine aids in recovery from a multitude of ills, especially champagne, and the bottle we chose is "la réalité", Oona. ;)

    Wine was an indispensable aid during my recovery two years ago -- well, wine paired with an herb that shall remain nameless. I felt so good I almost wanted to do it all over again -- NOT!

    No parent ever wants to see their child in hospital but it all worked out very well and for that we are thankful far beyond any words can express!

    Thank you all for your good wishes!

    Apprécier le champagne en bonne santé, Oona!

  9. big daddy back on the blog!!!

    la réalité, eh? i'm liking that. sounds like it brings you to a newer happier bubblier zone. i'm all for that.

    thanks big daddy... and happy big daddy's day:)


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